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Most Popular Tours

Berlin & Munich Explorer

Berlin, Munich
7 days from $1,960 per person

Explore two of Germany's world-class cities with insightful, private walking tours & shared group experiences. This immersive tour is designed to maximize your authentic German experience.

Munich, Salzburg & Vienna Discovery

Munich, Salzburg, Vienna
8 days from $2,672 per person

As you gaze up at the Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque architecture that inspired Mozart, you can almost hear the music of the great composer floating on the breeze that blows gently through Salzburg.

Romantic Road Discovery

Wurzburg, Rothenburg, Fussen, Munich
7 days from $3,801 per person

Experience the Romantic Road from Wurzburg to Munich, with its castles, forests, and storybook medieval villages. An unforgettable trip with private guided tours, airport transfers and stylish accommodations.

Rhine Wine Discovery

Frankfurt, Rudesheim, Worms, Heidelberg
7 days from $3,465 per person

Tour the German wine country and visit numerous wineries, taste the nuances of the various blends, enjoy the regional cuisine, discover the captivating history, colorful culture, majestic natural beauty & welcoming people of Germany.

Germany Highlights

Berlin, Oberwesel, Heidelberg, Munich
10 days from $4,770 per person

Berlin, Bavaria and the Black Forest. Explore the highlights of Germany with a mix of private guided and group tours, and find yourself staying overnight in a stunning 12th century castle.

Christmas Markets of Germany

Munich, Nuremberg, Dresden, Berlin
9 days from $3,771 per person

Get in to the holiday spirit with this delightful old-world Christmas Market discovery of Germany.

Rhine River & Black Forest Discovery

Oberwesel, Heidelberg, Baiersbronn, Freiburg
7 days from $4,697 per person

Discover the captivating history, colorful culture, picturesque villages and majestic natural beauty of the famous Black Forest region, a home to fairy tales.

Oktoberfest 2017: Wurst, Beer & Bavarian Culture

Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich
9 days from $4,999 pp

Grab your lederhosen and celebrate all things Bavarian at the world’s largest fair in Munich. Splurge on dumplings, sausage, roast chicken and, of course, world famous Oktoberfest beer. Join the party!

Germany In the Footsteps of WWII

Berlin, Nuremberg, Munich
10 days from $5,430 per person

Uncover a greater understanding of the battle between the Axis and Allies, as you follow the history of World War II through the streets of Berlin, Munich and Nuremberg.

A Taste of Bavaria

Munich, Nuremberg
6 days from $3,456 per person

Immerse yourself in the sumptuous food and beer culture of Southern Germany on this Bavarian culinary adventure. Explore magnificent German wineries, Munich's legendary beer halls, enchanting Neuschwanstein Castle, energetic Nuremberg & more.

Berlin, Dresden & Prague Signature

Berlin, Dresden, Prague
9 days from $2,628 per person

Immerse yourself in a fairly-tale kingdom as you discover Central Europe's most elegant cities by private guide. Discover Sanssouci Palace, cruise the River Elbe, explore Cesky Krumlov & much more.

Germany & The Legendary Danube River Cruise

Munich, Danube Cruise, Budapest
12 days from $5,558 pp

Set sail along the legendary Danube River, crossing through the heart of Europe, aboard a premium river cruiseliner. Shared daily excursions are included, as you explore interesting cultural hotspots throughout Hungary, Slovakia, Austria and Germany.

Berlin, Nuremberg & Munich in Style

Berlin, Wernberg-Koblitz, Nuremberg, Munich
10 days from $8,060 per person

Set out on a luxurious sojourn through the cultural and historic pillars of Germany; Berlin, Nuremberg and Munich.

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