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Compass is a collection of blogs based on the imaginative research the Kensington team undertakes to ensure we find new and better ways to transform travel into a more meaningful and personal experience. In other words, we are always on the lookout for a secret café in Paris, the best spot to find the black rhino, a favorite local dish, a superb hike out of Buenos Aires and the next great hidden lodge. To accomplish this we've enlisted our team of destination specialists. When they are not designing custom trips that wow our clients, they are traveling the world for inspiration. In addition, we have pulled together a team of 'Explorers-In-Residence' - Royal Geographic Society Fellows, Explorer's Club Fellows and leading adventurers with fascinating stories. Follow these explorers and gain a unique perspective from their awe-inducing expeditions.

Explorer in Residence Travel Blogs


100 Miles of Wild: A Tour of Madagascar�s Great Tsingy

Located over 1000 miles east of Africa, Madagascar (4th largest island in the world) is as exotic a destination as you could imagine. Formerly a French colony, the island famous for its unique plant and animal species (particularly lemurs, a threatened primate found only on the island) - having evolved over its 200 million years of isolation from the mainland. Read More »

Active Adventures, Explorer-in-Residence Series

100 Miles of Wild - Madagascar's Limestone Labyrinth, A Ground-Breaking Expedition To The Great Tsingy

Kensington’s Explorers in Residence Simon Donato, George Kourounis, and Travis Steffens are embarking on the first-ever mission to explore and map the Impenetrable Strict Nature Reserve of the Tsingy Forest in Madagascar. The renowned explorers will trek, climb and crawl through the remote unexplored northern section of the Strict Nature Reserve of Madagascar’s Great Tsingy. Read More »

Active Adventures, Explorer-in-Residence Series

George Kourounis' Expedition To Turkmenistan's "Doorway to Hell" - Part 2

I had travelled halfway around the world from Canada to the Karakum desert of Turkmenistan with a mission, a rather insane mission… To become the first person to ever set foot at the bottom of the Darvaza crater, a deep sinkhole that has been burning for decades. A botched Soviet natural gas drilling project from the 1970’s, the flaming pit is fascinating, mesmerizing, and more than a little bit terrifying. Some call it a doorway to Hell, and I was about to knock on the door. Read More »

Active Adventures, Explorer-in-Residence Series

George Kourounis' Expedition To Turkmenistan's "Doorway to Hell" - Part 1

The locals call it the “Doorway to Hell”, and rightfully so. Deep in the barren Karakum desert of the former Soviet republic of Turkmenistan is a place of wonder, mystery, and dangerous beauty that few people have heard of, and even fewer still have ever set eyes upon. The Darvaza flaming crater looks like a volcano, but it isn’t. There is no molten rock here, no risk of a Vesuvius-style eruption to bury any nearby towns under a blanket of ash. Read More »


Kensington Tours is proud to introduce our newest Explorer in Residence, Mariellen Ward

Writer and spiritual adventurer Mariellen Ward became an expert on the culture, cuisine, religions and history of India after spending 17 months traveling solo across the breadth of the subcontinent. Read More »

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