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Compass is a collection of blogs based on the imaginative research the Kensington team undertakes to ensure we find new and better ways to transform travel into a more meaningful and personal experience. In other words, we are always on the lookout for a secret café in Paris, the best spot to find the black rhino, a favorite local dish, a superb hike out of Buenos Aires and the next great hidden lodge. To accomplish this we've enlisted our team of destination specialists. When they are not designing custom trips that wow our clients, they are traveling the world for inspiration. In addition, we have pulled together a team of 'Explorers-In-Residence' - Royal Geographic Society Fellows, Explorer's Club Fellows and leading adventurers with fascinating stories. Follow these explorers and gain a unique perspective from their awe-inducing expeditions.

Postings for January, 2012


Kensington Cares: Supporting Educational & Health Initiatives in Masai Mara

Kensington Cares is currently funding the construction of a girls’ dorm in the Mara community near our Mara West Camp. This dorm will allow the 7th and 8th graders who currently live too far from the school to walk both ways every day and continue their education at the high school level. Without this opportunity most of these girls would not complete high school and have no hope of furthering their education. Read More »


Photo Diary: Karishma Visits the Roof of the World

Kensington Tours' India expert, Karishma Sharma, just returned from the roof of the world. She did high altitude exploring in Tibet, Bhutan and Nepal Tours. She started her journey in Tibet, where she had the chance to visit Potala Palace and discovered for herself how uniquely spiritual this country really is. Read More »


Oscar Worthy Adventures: Braveheart, Lion King, Casablanca & More

With the Academy Awards only a few weeks away, here's a list of Oscar winning films set in places that make for magic both on & off the screen. So follow in the footsteps of Hollywood legends with this blockbuster list of adventures - because we believe that every travel experience should be award worthy. Read More »


Kensington’s Explorers in Residence Series: Pyramids of Cochasqui, Ecuador

One of the greatest discoveries you’re likely to make while visiting Ecuador is the site of an ancient civilization that has a relatively recent history of excavation and exploration called the Pyramids of Cochasqui.  When my son Herb – a professor living in Quito – told me about this little-known archeological find I was intrigued! We decided to make our own expedition to this mysterious site. Read More »


Kensington Tours Presents Your Ticket to Hollywood Award Season

Walk The Red Carpet At The Oscars, Golden Globes & Grammys With Kensington Tours Looking to rub shoulders with A-listers like Kanye West, George Clooney, or Kate Winslet? Well brush the dust of your tux and shine those diamonds as Hollywood’s award season is upon us and you no longer have to be a celebrity to see it firsthand. Read More »


A Kensington Destination Wedding at Bluefields Bay Villas, Jamaica

Soon after we got engaged my fiancé, Chris, and I decided to have a small and intimate destination wedding. The key was finding a place that would be more personal than staying at a big resort where we’d get lost in the crowd and our wedding would simply become the next thing to do on the list of activities for the day. I sought the advice of my well-traveled brother who immediately suggested Bluefields Bay Villas in Jamaica. Read More »


Kanchanaburi, Thailand - Solemn History & Tranquil River Views

Kensington Tours' Southeast Asia expert, Cindy Kwan, recommends Kanchanaburi as a perfect spot during  Thailand Tours to unwind for a few days or hours. Most of its official tourism sites surround the infamous Bridge over the River Kwai but its serene riverside vistas also makes it a popular spot for travelers to relax. The town’s bridge is a must-see for any World War II buff. Read More »

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