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Compass is a collection of blogs based on the imaginative research the Kensington team undertakes to ensure we find new and better ways to transform travel into a more meaningful and personal experience. In other words, we are always on the lookout for a secret café in Paris, the best spot to find the black rhino, a favorite local dish, a superb hike out of Buenos Aires and the next great hidden lodge. To accomplish this we've enlisted our team of destination specialists. When they are not designing custom trips that wow our clients, they are traveling the world for inspiration. In addition, we have pulled together a team of 'Explorers-In-Residence' - Royal Geographic Society Fellows, Explorer's Club Fellows and leading adventurers with fascinating stories. Follow these explorers and gain a unique perspective from their awe-inducing expeditions.

Postings for January, 2013


Brett On The Water: Ganges River, Part II

In his blog, Brett on the Water – Ganges India, Brett Rogers shares his adventure of paddling the Ganges River as an intrepid explorer and story teller. From his arrival to the bustling city of Delhi and travels to the foothills of the Himalayas to his introduction to the Ganges, Brett brings this holy river to life with the enriching experiences and new friends he gained along the way. Read More »

Tailor-made Private Tours

Erika Feasts on Peru

Lima, Cusco, Machu Picchu, Amazon, Lima - the classical Peru tour that Erika Linares has become weary of. So when our South America Expert decided to check out Peru for herself, she was determined to dig deeper and explore more places and experiences. Erika’s first exposure to anything Peruvian was of the culinary variety. After her first bite of Papa a la Huancaina (potato salad in a creamy sauce) she was driven to further discover the offerings of a traditional Peruvian menu. Read More »

African Safari

The Gentlemen's Expedition - A Pride Of Lions At Loisaba

Mikael Strandberg’s A Gentlemen’s Expedition Through East Africa shares his return to Kenya and Tanzania with Kensington Founder Jeff Willner in a soulful 5 part series. His insights on the rhythm, people and life in East Africa invite readers to go far beyond the surface of this popular safari destination. Read More »

River Cruises

A Festive River Cruise

Kensington Cruise Expert, Dana Toma, headed to France and Germany over the 2012 holiday season and treated herself with impressive Christmas gifts; a relaxing river cruise and spirited festivities at the Christmas markets. Dana’s extensive and continued research on river cruising took her to the picturesque Rhine where she cruised through romantic landscapes and charming European cities. Read More »


Brett On The Water: Ganges River, Part I

Explorer in Residence, Brett Rogers, has led expeditions on the Mackenzie, Yukon and Mississippi Rivers. Over a total of 10 months, he spanned a total distance of 9,000 kilometers without burning a tank of gas. The focus of these expeditions was never about being the first, the fastest or to re-enact past expeditions. Read More »

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