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Top 5 Reasons to Take a Private Guided Shore Excursion

From Barcelona to Rio, and Cape Town to Hong Kong, Kensington travelers go over and above their fellow cruise passengers with personalized shore excursions. From historic tours and cultural encounters to active adventures and culinary escapades, Kensington offers customized tours in 200 ports around the globe. With your ship in port for an average of just 8-12 hours, shouldn’t you make the most of your time on land?

Here are the top 5 reasons to take a private guided shore excursion.

Specialized guides- Are you an architecture buff, orchid enthusiast, cheese connoisseur or art collector? Kensington can arrange an expert guide who can bring your passion to life. Absorb the expert knowledge of a local specialist who will give you a rich insider experience that will turn other cruise passengers green with envy.  

Beat the Crowds – Traveling with the 65 other people from a ship means you’re only as fast as the slowest person in your group- and you can spend a good portion of your day lining up. When enjoying a shore excursion with a Kensington guide you can avoid the crowds and lineups.  Our guides will take you to the top sights when they aren’t infiltrated with bus tourists. Request to be taken to a secret beach, local village, hidden vineyards or even rent a private yacht for the day.  You can plan in advance or decide the day of!

Fabulous food – With cruise line group shore excursions, your meals tend to be preset menus or buffets at pre-selected restaurants or large banquet halls. Why not enjoy the best cuisine that your port city has to offer?  Kensington guides can recommend the most authentic, exclusive and renowned dining experiences available. Craving fish & chips in Sydney, roasted goose in Hong Kong or steak in Buenos Aires?  Your guide will happily source out the finest restaurants to pleasure your palate.