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5 reasons Senegal should be your next vacation

July 2, 2015

Senegal is a colorful West African nation with a cultured past and a bright future. It is a peaceful region, and Our Africa said that it is the only territory on the West Coast of Africa to never experience a military coup. The streets of this animated country are rarely silent and pulse with the rhythm of sabar and tama drums. It is not hard to see why Senegal is one of Africa's most visited nations.1. Senegal is one of the friendliest regions in the world. In fact, CNN ranked this cou Read More »

Learn more about 5 of Africa's highest mountains

June 29, 2015

Quick - name a mountain in Africa. Chances are you went with Kilimanjaro, but there are more where that came from. However, Kilimanjaro shouldn't be overlooked - in fact, such a feat would be hard to accomplish, given that it's the highest mountain on the continent."Mount Kilimanjaro is known as 'the roof of Africa.'"Mount Kilimanjaro Mount Kilimanjaro stands an impressive 19,340 feet above sea level, so it's no wonder that the Tanzanian mountain is known as " Read More »

Pyramids, pharaohs and the Nile

June 29, 2015

Egypt is a captivating destination for many reasons. The combination of ancient history and one-of-a-kind geography draws millions of visitors every year. From the tombs of long-dead kings and queens to the mysterious allure of the Nile River, Egypt is an adventure waiting to happen.Explore World Wonders At first glance, Cairo can be somewhat intimidating. Over 20 million locals fill the streets of this city, and vendors call out to tourists from nearly every corner. But the charged atmosphere Read More »

An African adventure that will take your vacation to new heights

June 26, 2015

The African continent is rife with potential for memory-making experiences. From the Sahara in the North to the winelands along the southern coast, the opportunities for extraordinary vacations are nearly limitless. However, no African region can quite compare to Tanzania. The East African country is home to such natural spectacles as Mount Kilimanjaro and the Serengeti.Kilimanjaro Visitors of Tanzania will doubtlessly see the world in a different light after summiting Africa's highest moun Read More »

Ethiopia offers visitors the opportunity to go back to the beginning

June 24, 2015

Sometimes you want your vacations to transcend the food you eat and the pictures you take. If you're looking for the type of travel in which you are changed by a destination and the experiences you had there, consider taking a tour of Ethiopia. While this African country used to be rugged, modern Ethiopia is something entirely different. It is a place where visitors can glimpse the origins of humanity and meditate in some of the world's oldest places of worship."Addis Ababa is Read More »

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