Sangho Privilege

The Sangho Privilege is a haven for adventurers touring the fortified granaries of the Ksour. The four-star Sangho Tataouine is an architectural gem. A complex of 62 stone bungalows of the local rough red brown stone follow the contours of the hill side on which they are built. The lush gardens along the winding stone paths attract rare desert birds. There is a side courtyard with a fireplace and traditional goat hair tent for evenings under the piercing stars which penetrate the black desert sky.


    The hotel is decorated with local textiles, historic maps and photographs, antiques from the Ksour region, and intriguing displays of ancient fossils.

      Sangho Ta Restaurants

      The kitchen garden in the source of sangho's fresh produces for the fine cuisine, which is served with a flourish by friendly costumed waiters.

        Sangho Ta Activities

        Big and magnificent pool with a Kids Club, 2 tennis courts, and Volleyball.

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