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We were travelers: Exploring Vietnam

February 1, 2016

There's a certain risk involved in a tour of Vietnam. It's the chance that you'll never see the world the same way again. In a country full of sights and sounds so astonishingly beautiful, exploring more of it seems irresistible and ever leaving it feels impossible. Even just a small glimpse at a few of the country's destinations offers some idea of Vietnam's power: Hanoi Up until the 1990s, Vietnam's government wasn't too keen on allowing the outside world Read More »

Manila, pearl of the Philippines

January 27, 2016

Some cities reveal their character at first glance. With others, the process is more gradual; a slow burn exposure that is often worth the wait. Manila, capital of the Philippines, is such a city.When travelers arrive here for the first time, they don't quite know what to make of it. Enmeshed in the cacophony of the urban orchestra - the buzz of indistinguishable voices and the bellow of car horns - Manila at first appears to be as electric and distracted as any American city. But that is on Read More »

Indonesia: Southeast Asia's archipelagic paradise

January 20, 2016

Quick! Name an interesting fact about Indonesia. Struggling to think of one? Try this: Indonesia is made up of 17,508 islands in the Banda Sea. Each island holds its own adventure, and travelers come from all across the globe to experience everything this Southeast Asian country has to offer. From scenic views high in the sky to up-close-and-personal encounters with local wildlife, you will never have a dull moment in this region. Let's take a look at some of the most popular things to do on Read More »

Orchids, tigers and the enchantment of Singapore

January 19, 2016

For years, travelers tried - and failed- to categorize Singapore. Was it a necessary stopover on the way to more exotic locales? A commercial sector? A misunderstood gem? Disagreement came from the fact that the country boasts a wide array of cultures, with no single architectural style or way of life dominating the scene.Instead, Singapore proved to be a cultural mosaic - a melting pot of skyscrapers and temples, of malls and small markets. Rather than choose between their traditions, their col Read More »

Things you might see on a cruise along India's holiest river

January 15, 2016

Spanning nearly 1,600 miles across the continent, the Ganges River is one of the most impressive natural sites in the world. To Hindus, this is the holiest river in the world. To everyone else, it is a vital part of everyday life. Though many complain that the river has become too polluted and the banks too crowded, the Ganges River is something you simply cannot miss when you travel to India. A popular way of experiencing all the river has to offer is to take a cruise. Should you choose this as Read More »

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