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3 small Irish towns worth a visit

April 11, 2014

Quaint homesteads and medieval ruins are just a short walk away from the boats rocking gently in the Irish breeze. Should the rain begin to patter, there's likely a cozy pub or bed and breakfast where travelers can escape the passing storm. Such a town can be found in many places along Ireland's coastline and has become one of the touchstones of tourism to the Celtic nation. It's the quintessential Irish village, and it exudes the warmth and charm seemingly down every avenu Read More »

The best little art museum in Rome

April 4, 2014

Anchoring Rome are numerous large-scale wonders of art and architecture, ranging from the Colosseum to the oasis that is the Vatican. Compared to other international destinations, the Borghese Museum and Gallery may seem small, but it still delivers in a big way.Regularly cited as a gem of the Roman art scene, the Borghese is home to the once-private collection of the noble Borghese family. According to Travel + Leisure, the house went bankrupt in the late 1800s, giving way to one of the mo Read More »

Locking love in Paris and beyond

April 2, 2014

The bridges of Paris are under lock and key, but it's no security measure. Lovers from around the world have chosen to signify their love with padlocks on nearby railings - a tradition that rankles some Parisians, but nonetheless continues to blossom.The concept is simple. Two lovers take a padlock, secure it to wire mesh or railings on a bridge, and throw the key into the nearby river. It's a symbol of everlasting love, lest one person in the pairing chooses to go diving for t Read More »

Visit the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art - In Denmark

March 26, 2014

The Louisiana Museum of Modern Art has little do with the bayou or Creole culture. Rather, it's the oddly named institution serving as one of Denmark's best sights for contemporary painting, sculpture and other avant-garde art over the past century or so.Hot and cold Founded to promote and preserve modern Danish art, the museum first opened in 1958 with a collection of works by the COBRA group, a groundbreaking coterie of artists hailing from Copenhagen, Brussels and Amsterdam, accordin Read More »

Celebrate King's Day in Amsterdam

March 26, 2014

Come April 27, a sea of orange will spill across Amsterdam's canals of blue. King's Day is one of Amsterdam's greatest holidays, when the people of the Netherlands celebrate the Dutch Royal family - otherwise known as the House of Orange. People flock by foot and by boat to the event, which starts the night before and carries on through the next day.Fresh start King's Day is a new name for an old holiday, taking its title from the highest royal in the land. According to Ams Read More »

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