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A tour of Croatia is not complete without walking through Dubrovnik

There are a variety of ways you can experience a city, but few options are better than doing so on foot. By walking the city streets you get to see sights and sounds you might not have been able to otherwise. There are certain destinations that lend themselves to exploration on foot better than others, and Dubrovnik, a staple of Croatia tours, is among the best. This picturesque city on the shores of the Adriatic Sea is best explored on foot, and there are plenty of highlights for you to check out during your trek.

Medieval walls
Dubrovnik is among the most historic cities in the Mediterranean, and nowhere is that more evident than along its famous walls. These iconic fortifications date back to around the 7th century and remain a staple of city life. There are a number of specific fortifications that deserve recognition, including the sea walls. Although they may be smaller than the structures located further inland, the sea walls are particularly impressive pieces of engineering and were originally built as a way to protect the city against the Republic of Venice. 

The Old Harbor
To truly get a sense for Dubrovnik's place as a European gem, a walk through city's Old Harbor should be enough. The harbor was constructed in the 1300s and was the commercial hub of the city for centuries. Aside from being home to a historic atmosphere that permeates every corner, the Old Harbor also contains a number of impressive buildings that date back to its earliest days. Most notably, the Revelin Fortress, built in 1463, is a highlight of the harbor. St. John's Fortress is another imposing structure that was tasked with protecting the city, and even hundreds of years later it stands guard over the city's maritime center. 

Banje Beach
After you've walked along Dubrovnik's famous walls, making your way to its pristine coastline is a must. Banje Beach is the best place to relax along the water's edge. You would also be remiss if you didn't take the opportunity to go for a dip in the azure waters to cool off after a long day of walking through the Pearl of the Adriatic.

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