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Visit the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art - In Denmark

The Louisiana Museum of Modern Art has little do with the bayou or Creole culture. Rather, it's the oddly named institution serving as one of Denmark's best sights for contemporary painting, sculpture and other avant-garde art over the past century or so.

Hot and cold
Founded to promote and preserve modern Danish art, the museum first opened in 1958 with a collection of works by the COBRA group, a groundbreaking coterie of artists hailing from Copenhagen, Brussels and Amsterdam, according to Frommer's. Today it still houses many works by these artists along with many of their international contemporaries, including Francis Bacon and Andy Warhol. Over the course of the year, the museum showcases a number of exhibitions ranging from modern masters of the last century to contemporary artists who are still forging their reputation.

One noteworthy aspect of the museum is its approach to exhibitions. According to its website, it follows the tradition of New York City's Museum of Modern Art, blending architecture, design, photography and many other art genres to create a holistic approach to the expression of the human condition. The museum has also incorporated cultural and ethnographic exhibitions to further situate art in its natural and historical context.

However, the interesting part of its approach is the sauna principle. The founder of the museum, Knud W. Jensen, was a proponent of this style of exhibition method, pairing "hot" art - those iconic works by famous artists that visitors already knew - with the "cold" art by unknown and up-and-coming artists.

Beyond the walls
While the art is worth beholding, the grounds of the museum are equally as pleasing to the eye. The architecture itself is the work of Jørgen Bo and Wilhlem Wohlert, who, according to the museum's website, aimed to connect the structure to its natural surroundings. The result is modest, well-proportioned, unassuming architecture complete with park space to host large sculptures and allow people to stretch their legs. There are also nice views out onto the water.

As for the name of the building, even that has its charming facets. The museum notes that the original owner of the estate had three wives, all of which had the same first name: Louise. Jensen, the museum's founder, decided to adopt the heritage of the country house when he converted it into a museum by naming it after the estate owner's companions.

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