Villa Bahia

Villa Bahia is a hotel like no other in Salvador da Bahia: two magnificent mansions with colonial charm, a journey through verdant courtyards, the pleasure of first-class gastronomy. Nestled in the heart of Pelourinho, the historic quarter of the UNESCO World Heritage listed city; the Villa is comprised of two adjoining 17th and 18th century colonial homes, remnants of the Portuguese era. Overlooking the colorful facades of the district, the 17 rooms have been carefully renovated to preserve their original spirit. The result is enticing: an authentic colonial atmosphere, enhanced by two garden courtyards, a refreshing plunge pool and a panoramic terrace, have combined authenticity and charm – it’s up to you to enjoy the good life that is offered here!

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Guest rooms recall the main stages in the history of the Portuguese discoverers, their trade exchanges with Africa and Asia and their maritime routes, all closely tied to the spice trade. The Villa Bahia therefore takes you back in time to its very origins, to evoke Cape Verde, Guinea, Angola, Mozambique, but also Ceuta, Ormus, Goa, Calicut, Sri Lanka, Malaga, Timor, Macau and Nagasaki.

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Villa Bahia Restaurants

Restaurant and bar: Adapting French techniques to local ingredients, the restaurant offers first-class contemporary cuisine with the richness of local flavors. Breakfast is served in the restaurant or in the courtyard if you prefer to breathe the tropical morning air. Brazil is "home to the best" coffee and the bar is a good example of it! Locally roasted, the delicious fresh aroma regularly drifts through the lounge

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The Villa Bahia is enticed with 2 peaceful patios: one with a botanical atmosphere and cooling fountain, the other with white walls, dripping vegetation and a small pool - a rare sight in the Pelourinho. The deep sofas in the lounge prompt moments of relaxation. The furniture and objects were all chosen for their authenticity, a move welcomed by Bahians when they visit the Villa Bahia! A roof-top terrace allows you to overlook the historical center, with its many bells and colored facades.

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