South America Travel News

Manaus: Where city meets jungle

March 26, 2014

Manaus is one of Brazil's largest cities, and one of the world's most intriguing anomalies. Situated in the heart of the Amazon, Manaus has the rubber industry to thank for transforming this riverside town into a city a lot bigger and more booming than the wilds surrounding it would ever suggest.Because of its location, getting to know Manaus can be a pleasure as well as a paradox. High-end architecture, chic beachfront property and - come summer, plenty of international soccer Read More »

Road tripping through Costa Rica's beaches

March 13, 2014

Costa Rica is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, and picking just one to visit may not be so easy. Fortunately, those willing to hit the road don't have to. Exploring Guanacaste In the northwestern region of Costa Rica, a stout peninsula juts down into the Pacific Ocean. It is here, in the province of Guanacaste, that some of the country's best beaches lie in wait for those looking to enjoy surf, sand and even - for the moment - solitude, which becomes increas Read More »

Visit Buenos Aires' excellent Latin American art museum

March 7, 2014

Architecture, music, dancing and art all find their place within the vibrant city of Buenos Aires. Dance halls and city streets are part of the town's charm, but it's in the museums that travelers can gain a better perspective of the culture that so defines the region. There is a place that stands out as one of the best museums in Argentina, if not all of South America: the Museum of Latin American Art of Buenos Aires.Halls rich with history The MALBA, as abbreviated in Spanish, is a ri Read More »

Explore Patagonia from The Singular Hotel

February 12, 2014

The Chilean Patagonia is one of the world's great adventure destinations, offering incredible hiking, fishing and camping in a wilderness of beautiful mountains, glaciers and rivers. While such beauty often brings civilization in tow, The Singular Hotel has managed to turn an abandoned industrial cold storage plant into a retreat dedicated to the rich pioneering available in the area.Building up The Singular Hotel is located a short drive from the famed Torres Dl Paine National Park, a Read More »

Hike the Inca Trail

February 3, 2014

The Inca Trail is one of the most famous treks in the world, a beautiful hike through the Andes to the famed lost city of Machu Picchu. Travelers who wish to see the iconic ruins of the Incan empire have no better means of discovering  the site than this path.A busy road Some hikers expect the trail to be an isolated journey through the clouds, only to find it crowded with people - 75,000 a year to be exact, according to Frommer's. Indeed, the trail has been so busy over the last Read More »

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