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Kid-friendly Galapagos itinerary

Just about every travel itinerary has room for families with young children, and if you're thinking about taking the kids on a Galapagos tour, you can rest assured there will be a myriad of opportunities for them to retrace the footsteps of Charles Darwin, who first developed his theory of evolution more than a century ago. Considered one of the world's best trips by Travel and Leisure Magazine, Galapagos tours give you the chance to take your family to multiple UNESCO World Heritage Sites, wildlife cruises and exhilarating expeditions through the jungles.

Take a walk to the Charles Darwin Research Station

Burgeoning young naturalists will have a field day at the Charles Darwin Research Station, where they can soak up the latest developments in evolutionary science. While Darwin pioneered the idea that animals all come from a single origin and mutated into different species over tens of thousands of years, scientists today are finding even more compelling insights into evolution.

During a tour of the Galapagos, you and your family can easily spend an entire day talking with researchers and getting up close and personal with creatures that live in the facilities.

Cruising through time

Taking a trip back through evolutionary history can be exhausting, and if your family gets a little tired after filling your minds with fascinating information about the Galapagos' wildlife, you can all rest your head on a towel at Gardner Bay. This long white-sand beach has stunningly clear waters where you and your kids can enjoy hours of snorkeling and swimming. While you're floating in the calm waves, you should keep your eyes open for sea turtles, colorful fish, manta rays and playful sea lions.

Gardner Bay is located on Espanola Island - the oldest in the Galapagos chain - and has one of the largest populations of native wildlife. Throughout the year, you'll have the chance to see albatross, blue-footed boobies and even the graceful and majestic Galapagos hawk.

Family-friendly bites at Garrapata

Garrapata is one of many outdoor restaurants in the Galapagos, but definitely stands above the rest with its unique atmosphere and kid-friendly menus. Travelers and locals frequent the establishment for a quick evening meal, giving you and your family ample time to get back to your accommodations and have a good night's rest before embarking on yet another unforgettable adventure the next morning.

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