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Japan: City Lights & Sacred Sites

Tokyo, Kyoto, Mount Koya, Osaka
8 days from $6,160 per person

Explore Japan's sleek modern cities together with its wealth of sacred and spiritual sites as you tour Tokyo, Kyoto, Mount Kōya and Osaka. Visit ancient shrines and temples, spend the night in a hilltop Buddhist monastery, meet the giant Daibutsu Buddha, and more.

Japan Highlights

Tokyo, Hakone, Kyoto
8 days from $6,912 per person

Explore Japan’s ancient roots and modern wonders on a thrilling journey through its history and culture. Stroll in the shadow of Mount Fuji, visit ancient Buddhist temples, get swept up in the dazzling culture of Tokyo’s pop-culture scene, and more.

Japan's Pop Culture, Anime & Art Scene

Tokyo, Hakone, Kyoto, Osaka
10 days from $9,750 per person

Take a deep dive into the colorful pop culture of Japan. Visit Tokyo’s legendary street-culture scenes, tour the Ghibli Museum, tour ancient temples and shrines, study the ways of the ninja, and so much more.

Cherry Blossom Season in Japan

Tokyo, Hakone, Kyoto
8 days from $12,312 per person

Embark on an elegant tour of Tokyo and Kyoto during one of Japan’s most popular natural traditions: Cherry blossom season. Visit ancient temples, bustling markets, and national parks, dine with a geisha, and much more.

Pure Japan: Skyscrapers, Shrines & Snow Monkeys

Tokyo, Yudanaka, Hakone, Kyoto
12 days from $14,256 per person

Explore the many facets of Japanese culture on this engaging adventure through that visits Tokyo, Nagano, Kyoto, and more. Meet Japanese snow monkeys, train like a sumo wrestler, tour ancient temples and shrines, and much more.

China & Japan's Imperial Cities

Beijing, Xi'an, Shanghai, Tokyo, Kyoto
12 days from $13,452 per person

Explore the ancient sites and modern-day wonders of two of Asia’s most captivating cultures. Walk the Great Wall, meet the Terra-Cotta Warriors, discover the treasures of Shanghai and Tokyo, soak up Kyoto’s peaceful ambiance, and so much more.

Japanese Temples, Gardens & Art

Tokyo, Kanazawa, Kyoto, Naoshima, Osaka
12 days from $19,668 per person

Discover the aesthetic pleasures of Japanese art and culture. Stroll through shrines, temples, and delicately manicured gardens in Tokyo and Kyoto, tour art museums and bamboo groves, unwind in Naoshima, and much more.

Culinary Journey Through Japan

Tokyo, Hakone, Kyoto
8 days from $13,680 per person

Savor the full spectrum of Japanese cuisine at top restaurants, informal izakayas, and street-food stalls. Learn to make sushi from an expert chef, dine with a geisha, try the curious “black egg” and other local delicacies, and more in Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka.

Japan Grand Journey with Okinawa

Tokyo, Hakone, Takayama, Kanazawa, Hiroshima, Kyoto, Nago
17 days from $14,416 per person

The very best of Japan on a single incredible adventure. Explore bustling Tokyo, Kyoto, Hiroshima, and Okinawa with private guides, visit ancient temples and shrines, try your hand at traditional arts, and much, much more.

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Kensington Tours offers customized, private tours across Italy. This includes an exclusive itinerary tailor-made for you by our award-winning Destination Experts. They, along with your private guide, will ensure your tour works with your schedule, your budget and surpasses your highest expectations.

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Itinerary Ideas

Rome & Amalfi Coast Explorer

Rome & Area, and Amalfi Coast & Islands
Discover the charms of Rome and Amalfi Coast on this easygoing journey through Italy. See the Colosseum, the Pantheon, the Vatican, Pompeii, Positano and more.

7 days from $3,745 per person*

Rome, Florence & Venice Highlights

Rome & Area, Tuscany and Venice
Explore Italy’s most treasured cities – Rome, Florence, and Venice. Take in Rome’s signature sights, soak up the Tuscan sun, explore Venice by gondola, and more.

8 days from $5,448 per person*

Treasures of Tuscany

Tuscany (Florence, Montepulciano & Siena)
Savor the bucolic splendor of small-town Tuscany and discover its signature flavors on a privately guided trip through Florence, Montepulciano, and Siena.

10 days from 6,780 per person*

Italy Signature with the Amalfi Coast

Rome & Area, Amalfi Coast & Islands, Tuscany and Venice
Everything you’ve ever wanted to see and do in Italy, all in a single adventure. Tour ancient sites in Rome, walk Pompeii with an expert guide, explore the enchanting towns of the Amalfi Coast, and more.

12 days from $8,892 per person*

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Italy Family Highlights

Rome & Area, Tuscany and Venice
Experience the wonders of Rome, Florence, and Venice on an adventure the entire family can enjoy. Stroll famous cities with private guides, explore Rome’s Colosseum, ancient Catacombs and more.

8 days from 4,260 per person*

Lakes Of Northern Italy

Lombardy (Milan, Como) Veneto (Verona, Venice)
Explore the quiet pleasures and mouth-watering flavours of the peaceful Italian Lakes region. Take in the art and architecture of Milan, Como, Verona, and Venice, relax at lakeside villas, and more.

10 days from 7,360 per person*

Italy Grand Tour

Rome & Area (Rome) Amalfi Coast & Islands (Sorrento) Tuscany (Florence) Lombardy (Milan) Veneto (Venice)
Discover the wonders of Rome, Milan, Venice, Florence, the Amalfi Coast, and the Italian Lakes. Explore with private guides, sample delicious food and wine at private tastings, see exquisite works of art, and more.

14 days from 11,998 per person*

The Pearls Of Puglia

Basilicata (Matera) Puglia (Savelletri di FasanoLecceBari)
Explore ancient ruins, cathedrals, and serene seaside villages on a private tour through Puglia. Learn ancient bread-making techniques in Matera, discover Alberobello’s UNESCO-protected trulli, underground rock formations at Grotte di Castellana, and more.

10 days from 7,320 per person*

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