Hacienda Bambusa (BD) (Standard )


Hacienda Bambusa Hotel was conceived as a place where guests can enjoy the privacy that can only be found in your own home, but with the comfort and services that only an excellent hotel can provide. Located in the southern part of this breathtaking ‘coffee land,’ it is a typical bamboo colonial style house surrounded by banana plantations, cattle fields, and featuring a majestic open view of the Andes Mountains. Ideally arranged for rest and relaxation, the spacious rooms all have views of the pool and/or scenic gardens, immersing the guest into a cultural paradise of bamboo guadua forests, rivers, creeks, and various fruit crops. The restaurant, run by Luz Adriana Martinez, serves a delicate and delicious variety of haute cuisine dishes exclusively for guests. Many of the dishes are prepared with products that are cultivated on the hacienda itself. Privileged by its environment and climate, the Hacienda Bambusa Hotel has been gifted with a stunning landscape and atmosphere that will embrace you like no other.