Kulu Yala Tented Camp (AI) (Tent)


Kulu’s Yala camp features a perfect location to explore the multiple sectors of the vibrant Yala National Park. The camp’s paradigm is to seamlessly blend a definitive Sri Lankan wildlife experience with exceptionally comfortable accommodations, while minimizing the ecological footprint. The tailor-made, mobile safaris include customized tents that are finessed with thoughtful touches. The guides are professionally trained naturalists who have spent years learning the intricacies of the jungles. Kulu Safaris is the first operator to establish and practice environmentally conscious camping. They have adopted a strict “no-plastic” policy, use renewable energy to as great an extent as possible, and have implemented an eco-friendly waste-management system. The passionate staff of Kulu Yala Tented Camp will show off the best Sri Lanka has to offer with their innate warmth, sincerity, and efficiency.