98 Acres Resort & Spa (B) (Premium Deluxe)


Experience the beauty and serenity of Sri Lanka’s scenic Hill Country while enjoying the luxurious comforts of a boutique hotel. 98 Acres Resort and Spa is an elegant, chic hotel that stands on a scenic 98-acre tea estate, surrounded by stunning landscapes. This uniquely designed resort blends perfectly with its natural surroundings, and it consists of charming chalets mostly made of recyclable materials. Discarded railway sleepers are put to good use in the making of decks and walls at the resort. Rough-hewn granite slabs lend simple elegance to the floors of the chalets, adorned with thatched roofs of ‘Illuk’ straw, adding to their rustic beauty. The exquisite countryside, breathtaking views, and exciting nature trails will assure that you have a memorable holiday at one of the most breathtaking hotels in the region.