Tuul Riverside Lodge (BLD) (Deluxe Ger)


Located within an hour’s drive of Ulaanbaatar, Tuul Riverside Lodge is a fully sustainable, traditional Mongolian camp surrounded by a sea of grass, rolling hills and the Tuul River. A warm, and peaceful welcome awaits guests when they enter the beautifully decorated traditional dwellings, known as yurts or locally as a "ger." Constructed from a wooden frame and covered with layers of felt to insulate against the harsh Mongolian climate, yurts are both durable and reliable. Each yurt also features en-suite facilities. The camp offers high standards of service and modern convinces, such as water, electricity, and a dining tent while still capturing the nomadic culture of the Mongols. Guests can expect many authentic, traditional cultural experiences and adventure activities led by the dedicated staff members. Delicious Mongolian cuisine is prepared by a passionate and talented team, from quality ingredients which will delight your taste-buds. The camp provides an escape from the hustle and bustle of the main cities, where one can relax around a roaring campfire and marvel at the shimmering Milky Way overhead.