Hisa Franko (B) (Standard)


Hisa Franko, build in 1868, is a beautiful countryside house & estate located in Kobarid, surrounded by a diverse landscape of woods, mountains, and rivers. Among its long history, Ernest Hemingway wrote his famous novel ‘Farwell to the Arms’ overlooking the estate’s courtyard. Behind the property, guests will find a huge herb, flower, and vegetable garden, as well as a lively creek, home to a small family of trout. The charming guest rooms feature elegant décor in perfect synergy of historic ambiance and modern conveniences to create a sense of comfort suitable for all guests. At Ana’s Kitchen, guests will enjoy an innovative and creative spin on traditional regional fares cooked by Chef Ana. In each bite of her creations, one can feel the passion, love of ingredients, respect for the earth, and creativity. Slovenian labels dominate Valter's Celler, and the heart of his collection guests will find a large selection of biodynamic wines, difficult to find, and rare labels.