Corte San Pietro (B) (Junior Suite)


Corte San Pietro is a stunning hotel in Matera's UNESCO-listed ancient Sassi district, residing across what were once centuries-old abandoned cave dwellings, now restored and re-imagined to provide ambiance and authentic elegance like no other. The rooms are strictly monochromatic, characterized by earth tones ranging from beige stone to brown wood and iron cortèn. Earth, terracotta tiles and natural colored rock become walls, ceilings and seats. The constant search for a link between the interiors and the surrounding landscape has given life to the interplay of local stone, wood and iron that is used in every room, following a linear and minimalist design. Step out from your room to one of the central courtyards, or Via San Pietro Caveoso, where you'll experience a sense of 'living' the ancient Sassi neighborhoods.