29/2 Aurland (B) (The Ekman Room)


On an area settled since the Viking Age, 29/2 Aurland is a riverside farm lodge offering traditional living in style. Modern architecture and creativity prevailed in the careful one-by-one restoration of the buildings on the farm, including the 18th century fisherman's cabin, in the hopes that guests will get a feel for the history of the farm and the local community through the walls that surround them during their stay. The latest addition to the hotel was built on the site of the farm's old goat barn, offering a very tasteful blend of traditional cog-jointed 18th century smokehouse aesthetics from the Hardanger region, with 29/2's own modern flair. The Riverside Farm Lodge features five guestrooms, decorated with old, traditional colors and a mix of historic and modern furnishings. Dine in the old Smokehouse, then sit in the hot tub outside the lodge and simply take in the incredible natural landscapes before you.