Retreat Hotel at Blue Lagoon (B) (Moss Junior Suite)


Encircled by the mineral-rich waters of the Iceland's iconic Blue Lagoon, the Retreat Hotel at Blue Lagoon Iceland is a place of timeless sophistication, luxurious comfort, and blissful relaxation. Leave the world behind and enter a realm of relaxation, rejuvenation, and exploration. From the moment you step through the doors and are greeted with a champagne welcome, the penultimate luxury experience awaits. Modern, exclusive suites use clean lines and natural, local textures to create unique, warm, minimalist spaces that harmonize perfectly with the surrounding landscape. All suites step out to private balconies with breathtaking perspectives, overlooking the vivid pastel blue waters of the lagoon, and the rugged and otherworldly volcanic horizon. Committed to providing an environment focused on true serenity, the Retreat features its very own exclusive private lagoon for guests, along with a world class spa, offering a range of natural, rejuvenating treatments. Within minutes of your arrival at the Retreat Hotel at Blue Lagoon, you'll surely realize how refined elegance and modern luxury is a humble understatement.