Explorer's Club

Travel made for explorers by explorers

Kensington Tours is proud to introduce The Explorers Club Collection: incredible tours that capture the essence of the world’s foremost fellowship of scientists and adventurers. Walk the trails blazed by renowned explorers and academics in search of in-depth, up-close, and authentic encounters with the fascinating people, places, and cultures you love.

Go Further

Connect with extraordinary places, go deep into the past, and learn about your world from recognized experts. The Explorers Club Collection brings you to the world as you’ve never seen it before.
The world’s foremost society of explorers, scientists, and adventurers, The Explorers Club and its members have dedicated themselves to the tireless pursuit of new frontiers for over 100 years. Through their expeditions, the Club’s members have pushed the boundaries of human discovery to the world’s tallest peaks, its deepest depths, its farthest reaches, and to the stars themselves. As long as there are new places to go, new things to learn, and new trails to blaze — as long as there are explorers — there will be an Explorers Club.

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