Paradise Lodge

Arba Minch Paradise Lodge is situated on the hilly side of Setcha surrounding itself with the natural beauty of the environment. Basing itself among the forty springs found in the deep jungle of Arba Minch, one feels like touching the natural beauty of the place. Paradise Lodge is convieniently located near the Arba Minch jungle forest, Netch-Sar national park, Abaya, and Lake Chamo. The natural bridge locally known as "YeEgzier Deldey" to denote as "the bridge of God", to symbolize the natural joint between the two great lakes is also closeby. The lodge is fully built by nearly 30 tribes to reflect the culture of the southern Ethiopian societies from the local resources.

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Each guest room at Paradise Lodge offers guests the opportunity, experience and privacy of their own bamboo thatched hut built in the traditional Gamo style with the standard of comfort and amenities one can expect at a luxury hotel. All huts are built with a serene outdoor veranda with either a breathtaking view of the lakes or that are set in the lush gardens of the lodge grounds. Each hut is also equipped with a bathroom with shower, mosquito net, reading table and a minibar with a complimentary bottle of mineral water. Each hut is also richly furnished with handmade furniture and decorations that embody the cultures of the locals who built them.

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Paradise Lodge Restaurants

Built with contributions from over 30 tribes of the region, the Paradise Lodge Restaurant and Bar serves the best of local and international cuisine. The restaurant is also one of the best places to take in the breathtaking view across the valley to Lakes Chamo and Abaya.

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Swimming Pool & Spa

The pristine outdoor pool in natural surroundings will make your vacation complete by offering the perfect place for a dip.The pool also includes a swim bar and outdoor TV so that you can enjoy the big game even as you have your soak. Restore and relax at the spa, complete with massage, steam room, sauna and manicure/pedicure service. The barber is also on call to cut and style your hair just the way you like it.

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