Roha Hotel

The Roha Hotel in Lalibela, Ethiopia, is the most comfortable and desirable lodging in town. Snuggled into the bosom of this mountain village, the 64 room hotel and its staff guarantee impeccable service. Try the local food, which is typically made with spicy meats and vegetables along with flat bread and salads. Situated a mile outside of town, you will find yourself taking pictures of the intricate artifacts adorning this attractive, simple space. More humble than the crystal chandeliers and gold-plated walls of more arrogant hotels, the Roha boasts something above high ranked holiday hot spots. With a lush countryside and some of history’s most incredible monolithic churches from centuries of yore, there is little need for spas and tennis courts in this region.

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Explore the archaeological highlights of Ethiopia, a land with a 3,000 year history of kings, and a unique Christian Orthodox heritage that remained intact despite its neighbors' adoption of Islam in the 7th century. More Info

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An ancient world of incense and ceremony, with startling landscapes that boast animals unseen anywhere else on earth, Ethiopia inspires awe and wonder in all who enter into its magic. More Info

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    Roha Hotel is part of the Ghion chain of hotels and offers the customary level of comfort and convenience for travellers. All rooms are en suite and there is a bar and restaurant. Telephone and fax facilities are available in the hotel and there is mobile / cell phone reception in Lalibela. The hotel contains 4 suites and 60 twin bed rooms. Each room has telephone and satellite TV. Capable laundry services are also available.

      Roha Hotel Restaurants

      The Hotel has a restaurant seating 73 and bar seating for 50. The laundry services are capable and well-equipped. There is a stand-by generator for electricity. The garden is well-kept with ample space for camping and parking. The satellite TV in the bar includes BBC and CNN.

        Roha Hotel Activities

        Lalibela is home to an astonishing collection of freestanding churches hewn from solid rock. Perched at an altitude of 2630m, among the wild craggy mountains of Lasta and vast rocky escarpments, there is a stark cathedral-like grandeur to Lalibela, a strange, isolated town famed for its churches. Try and visit the ‘Eastern Churches’, the second group of rock hewn churches. Bet Merkorios is another church, which also has a splendid painting of The Three Wise Men, dating back to the 15th century A.D. Visit Nakutelab Church, different from other rock churches in Lalibela because it was built in a natural cave instead of from bedrock. Also try to get involved in the Coffee Ceremony. This social ritual is still regularly performed across Ethiopia. Lalibela is arguably the one place in Ethiopia that no tourist should miss. Were it virtually anywhere but in Ethiopia, Lalibela would rightly be celebrated as one of the wonders of the world.

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