Simien Lodge

The Simien Lodge is located in the Simien Mountain Range, making it Africa's highest hotel at an altitude of 3260 meters above sea level.  The lodge features spacious Tukels, or Lodges, that are equipped with high-quality linens amongst the many included amenities. The Lodges restaurant is very spacious and boasts a log fire centre piece. The kitchen is essentially swiss made, hygienic and ergonomic. Due to the properties dynamic location, the Simien Lodge provides guest with a ton of activities to enjoy, both on the property and beyond it.

    Simien Lodge Turkel

    The Simien Lodge features various tukel’s which are high quality room with 2 large single beds. The turkel has its own bathroom with shower for guests to use. All rooms have under-floor solar heating, the beds have duvet bedding with pure white cotton sheets. Each room has a sheltered balcony for the guests to enjoy the magnificent view. All rooms have fiberglass insulation to the ceiling, walls and floor to keep the turkel as warm as possible.

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    Simien Lodge Dining

    The Simien Lodge features a restaurant and a bar for the guests to dine at or enjoy a cocktail. The restaurant is a spacious area with a log fire in the centre of the building. In the evening the Lodge generally serve's a set meal which is prepared by the professionally trained master chef, Teschome. The restaurant serves from an 'A la carte' menu of Ethiopian and European food.

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    Simien Lodge Recreation

    At the Simien Lodge participate in various activities. Enjoy trekking to the Simiens, climb to Ras Daschen summit, experience various wildlife game drives, along with various cultural experiences such as learning about the history of Kassa and Deresge Maryam.

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