Treetops Lodge is strategically located in the path of an ancient Elephant migratory route between the Aberdare Ranges and Mt Kenya National park, and is strategically sited right in front of a natural watering hole and salt lick.  With large windows fitted in all guest rooms, restaurant and lounge guests can drink in the sight of elephants, buffalos, rhinos and more from all areas including the view deck on top floor of the building. Die-hard animal lovers need not worry about missed sightings, even into the early hours of the morning. An optional buzzer in the rooms alerts the guests when a spectacle is unfolding at the waterhole. Game drives and a lecture about Treetops are also available to the guests.  This lodge-on-stilts is accessed through a gradual ramp to the top floor and a Tree grows right through the building. Each of the en-suite guest rooms and spacious suites are decorated using authentic African furnishings. Fine dining is at its best in the contemporary dining room with individual tables illuminated by mini chandeliers. Meals served at the lodge are dinner, breakfast and lunch for guests spending 2 or 3 nights at the lodge.

Aberdare Tours 2017 - 2018 -  Treetops
Aberdare Tours 2017 - 2018 -  Treetops
Aberdare Tours 2017 - 2018 -  Treetops
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All of the en-suite rooms feature twin beds that can be converted to king size double bed. All rooms have showers and are fitted with a luggage rack for the safari suitcase.

    Volman Volunteer Room

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    The dining room has a totally new look from the furniture to ambiance and fitted with large windows. Seating is on individual tables that allow privacy and illuminated by mini chandeliers making dinner a romantic affair. It is equipped with an active cooking station, modern salad counter and buffet counter. Dinner and buffet breakfast is served at the lodge. The Main bar is located next to the lounge and is a popular venue for refreshing drinks and specialty coffee while enjoying unobstructed view of animals also coming for their drink at the watering hole.

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    This full day tour takes you to the moorlands that comprise of undulating hills, bogs, clear mountain streams, numerous waterfalls and magnificent views occurring between the highest peaks of Aberdare mountain range Ol Donyo Lesatima (4001m) to the north and Kinangop (3,906m) to the south. Forest of the Aberdare Ranges vary at different altitudes, descending from the top is alpine and sub alpine species and tussock grass that give way to bamboo and mountain woodlands of Juniper, Podo and Nuxia.

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    The Aberdare National Park is located at the foot of the Aberdare Ranges near Nyeri – it is stunningly beautiful, with unusual vegetation, rugged terrain, streams and waterfalls, and is home to an extra ordinary amount and diversity of flora and fauna. The salient zone is home to a large population of animals given its abundance of pastureland and watering holes.

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    The Solio Ranch

    The Solio Ranch or Solio Game Reserve is a privately owned wildlife conservancy located in Kenya’s Rift Valley Province. The ranch is a privately-owned protected area geared toward rhino conservation. The 17,500-acre reserve, 22 km north of Nyeri Town, plays a major part in the protection and breeding black rhinos in Kenya and is recognized as one of the most successful private rhino breeding reserves in Kenya.

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