Desert Rose Lodge

Desert Rose is a unique eco friendly lodge located at 5,500 feet asl on the verdant cedar forest slopes of Mt Nyiru which towers majestically above the Elbarta plains, between Karisia Mountains and Lake Turkana in North Kenya. The main lounge and a pool area have been hand crafted to blend with the indigenous gardens, landscaped to enhance the dramatic views. In the main lounge guests have at their disposal a fully stocked bar, a sitting room and a fireplace. If guests wish, they can also make a bonfire outdoors in a specially prepared fire site.This Lodge consists of five different houses, which are secluded which gives the guests total privacy.  Being an eco friendly lodge the houses are hand made and designed around natural features.

Lake Turkana Tours 2017 - 2018 -  Desert Rose Lodge
Lake Turkana Tours 2017 - 2018 -  Desert Rose Lodge
Lake Turkana Tours 2017 - 2018 -  Desert Rose Lodge
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It consists of five unique houses accommodating up to twelve people, two cottages with double beds, two twins and a family house. The houses are entirely secluded, which guarantees comfort and intimacy. All are hand-made and individually designed around various natural features. Each suite has its own private flush toilet and an open air en-suite bathroom with a bath. It also has its own patio.

    Traditional Ceremonies

    As Desert Rose is located at the foot of a Samburu holy mountain, Oldonyo Nyiru, it has unique opportunity to be part of the most important celebrations of the community which traditionally take place at the top of the mountain. They are inaccessible to outsiders but for Desert Rose guests Samburu people make an exception… After more than a decade of close cooperation with Samburu community, Desert Rose has become an integral part of local life. As well as employing 30 local people, Desert Rose has built a small primary school and a vital medical clinic. The depth of the bond with the community means that Desert Rose guests are always invited to local celebrations which grants the guests a rare insight into Samburu life and their distinctive sense of style.


      The safari starts when the first light seeps over the horizon and the first birds begin to call. Clients stay in a tent or only a mosquito net hung on a tree in a river bed. They begin their day with fresh aromatic coffee served straight to them in bed and finish it looking at the stars with a glass of whisky at a fireplace. Desert Rose Lodge's standard camel walk takes half a day or a full day but on request the lodge can organize a multi-day safari. In this vast timeless terrain it is easy to walk with the camels for a week or more and not see any sign of a car or another non ethnic person, so you can actually feel quite lonely with the bowl of the universe as night time company.


        The stunning landscape and interesting vegetation provides great inspiration on a variety of our abundant walks. The Game in the area are shy and scattered. It is a home for genets, bushbucks, warthogs, ostriches, hyenas, jackals, cheetahs, vervet monkeys, zebras, gerenuks…and soon also elephants which in the past used to live in the cedar forest of Oldonyo Nyiru and now start to migrate back to our area. Baboons and leopards are often heard close-by in the granite rock cliffs and the fig trees that abound with bird life. In very close proximity to the lodge there is an exciting natural rock slide and a perfect picnic site, a fun spot to spend the midday hours. There are a multitude of walks one can take from the lodge in the dry rugged country on the valley floor or high in the Cedar and Podo forest

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