Anakao Ocean Lodge & Spa

Anakao Ocean Lodge & Spa is a magical place that by strange and fortunate circumstances has remained an uncontaminated corner away from the more chaotic mass tourism routes. If a seaside holiday has to offer more to be held as the most memorable, you will discover a cultural travel experience that is enlivened by an indomitable passion for always finding destinations where you can once again savour authentic values and a now-forgotten pace, then Anakao Ocean Lodge & Spa will provide you with great excitements.  In the central area there is a bar, a restaurant, various relaxation zones within the “little square” – fulcrum of the Lodge, a TV/library room and a boutique where you can find not only articles of clothing, costumes and beach wraps but also many small craft objects, from ethnic necklaces to important wooden sculptures, strong expressions of the local culture.

Anakao Tours 2017 - 2018 -  Anakao Ocean Lodge & Spa
Anakao Tours 2017 - 2018 -  Anakao Ocean Lodge & Spa
Anakao Tours 2017 - 2018 -  Bungalow Interior
Anakao Tours 2017 - 2018 -  Dining

    Each Bungalow is of very new construction, with each chalet facing towards the lagoon, parallel to the beach, that is some twenty metres away. Their position on top of a dune allows them a beautiful view of the sea. Amenities include air-conditioning, mini-bar, en-suite bathroom with shower, and an in-room safe.


      The Anakao Ocean Lodge Senior suite allows you a dream holiday in total comfort in a fully air-conditioned suite with a mini-bar, en-suite bathroom with shower, in-room safe, and a spacious living area.


        In order to be able to transform a holiday into a complete all-round travel experience, the gastronomic aspect must not be underrated. Because of this, in Anakao Ocean Lodge the cooking plays a fundamental role with the location of the restaurant, for good reason, in the heart of the “little square”, the central fulcrum of this Lodge. The menu is exceptionally good and the chef has managed to harmonise well the traditions of the Madagascan culinary art to the international ones, without forgetting a final touch of Italian. The key word at Anakao Ocean Lodge is freshness of the ingredients, raw materials genuinely prized daily from the sea and the land as the basis for all the recipes to give maximum satisfaction to the guests. An inviting breakfast will delight the morning awakening with a vast selection of pastries prepared daily by the chef, from hot croissants straight from the oven to soft plum cake. There is fruit as well as very fresh squashes, local hand made jam, cheeses or if you want, fresh eggs cooked according vs tastes.


          The recently inaugurated health spa is soon brought to the attention of the guests of Anakao as the ideal place to recuperate in complete harmony, as a perfect balance between body and mind surrounded by remarkably authentic nature. Relaxation and well being. Close your eyes and let yourself be enticed by caressing expert hands for a complete and regenerating travel experience. During the high season, we advise you to book treatments somewhat in advance. More information on request.

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