Eulophiella Hotel Lodge

Nestled in the heart of the forest, reforested with fruit trees along with the beautiful floral and fauna, the Eulophiella hotel is located at the Andasibe-Mantadia National Park and 140km's from the capital of Madagascar, Antananarivo.  Enjoy the panoramic views of the garden either inside or outside at the Eulophilla Restaurant.  Take part in many excursions such as visiting the Bemantotra water fall, or many tours throughout the Andasibe-Mantadia National Park.  The Eulophiella hotel offers the comfort of home that allows all visitors and guests to enjoy a relaxing and memorable stay along with the great hospitality of Madagascar. 

Madagascar Signature - Lemurs, Landscapes and Beach

The mist is heavy deep in the Madagascan rainforest and sweat drips from your brow after a full-day hike. Then you see it grazing among the bamboo thickets – the rare golden bamboo lemur – and your heart leaps. More Info

Madagascar Lemur Fever

You wake suddenly, sure that the haunting, melodic wail was a figment from your dreams. As your eyes adjust to the darkness around you, you hear it again; this time carried through the trees from a distant part of the forest. More Info

Lemurs & Beach Exclusive

Madagascar is the ultimate primate destination, but also renowned for its pristine beaches, this location embraces both. More Info

    Parfums d'Orangers Bungalows

    The Eulophiella Hotel features seven Parfums d’Orangers Bungalows which are very spacious to make the guests feel at home. These suites feature a king size bed and a sitting room made with the Palissander Wood.

      Ascendant Bungalow

      The Eulophiella Hotel features ten Ascendant Bungalows which are airy and comfortable. These suites feature double/twin or triple occupancy.

      • Andasibe-Mantadia National Park Tours 2017 - 2018 - Eulophiella Outdoor Dining Eulophiella Outdoor Dining
      Eulophiella Dining

      The Hotel Lodge Eulophiella Restaurant can accommodate up to eighty guests at one sitting. Guests have the option of dining either inside or outside with a spectacular panoramic view of the garden from the balcony. This restaurant offers a delectable combination of Malagasy and French cuisine. The restaurant also features an open fire place located in the middle of the dining area which helps to warm up the dining room during the evening.

      • Andasibe-Mantadia National Park Tours 2017 - 2018 - Eulophiella ExcursionsEulophiella Excursions
      Eulophiella Recreation and Excursions

      The Eulophiella offers several activities for the guests to choose from which include exploring Madagascar's exclusive Floral and Fauna. Participate in Diurnal or Nocturnal visits to the Andasibe-Mantadia National Park. Visit the Bemantotra Water Fall or enjoy hiking along the stream nature hikes. The Eulophiella provides a local tracker to lead you on all excursions. Also enjoy visits to the Orchidee's Park and natural swimming pool, free of charge.

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