Berenty Lodge

Berenty Lodge is located in the spiny desert in Berenty Reserve consisting of environmentally orientated rooms and bungalows. Berenty private reserve is located in southern Madagascar; it was strictly protected for almost thirty years enabling its natural environment to flourish. Berenty Lodge offers a chance to get an insight into the local Antandroy culture of the region. The lodge's location in the heart of the private nature reserve boasts one of the best opportunities to observe lemurs up-close. The lodge also has a pleasant tea garden where afternoons can be spent watching the mischievous ring tailed lemurs or dancing sifakas at play.

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The lodge has twelve environmentally orientated bungalows. Each of the bungalows has an en suite bathroom with a toilet and shower and is air conditioned.


    The main facilities at the lodge include a bar and restaurant which serves traditional Malagasy style food incorporating seafood and the catch of the day.


      The main activities are focused around Berenty Private Reserve and all it has to offer. From walking in the dense forest, a fascinating experience allowing the opportunity to see snakes, parrots, eagles and other birds in lush vegetation that remains Virgin forest. There is also the option of visiting a local art museum and a sisal factory. The lemurs at Berenty reserve are very habituated and it is a great location from which to enjoy these fascinating animals in close quarters and to get some great photos.

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