Villa Sylvestre

The Villa Sylvestre is located in the heart of Fianarantsoa and features the preserved heritage of three generations. This charming residence built in 1920 holds the traditional style and architecture of the Malagasy. The rooms are all decorated for your comfort combining both modern and traditional style. The staff at the Villa Sylvestre, are sure to make your stay memorable and as enjoyable as possible. 

Madagascar Highlights

Leaping lemurs, carnivorous plants, monkey trees, exotic rainforests, giant butterflies and beyond perfect beaches, Madagascar is beyond exotic. More Info

Madagascar Signature - Lemurs, Landscapes and Beach

The mist is heavy deep in the Madagascan rainforest and sweat drips from your brow after a full-day hike. Then you see it grazing among the bamboo thickets – the rare golden bamboo lemur – and your heart leaps. More Info

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The rooms at the Villa Sylvestre are very spacious and bright they offer a cozy and warm atmosphere. Enjoy the comfort of home in your comfortable king or double beds, while you enjoy the view of Fiananrantsoa, Betsileo. All rooms include several amenities such as WiF, T.V, a safe, mini-bar and laundry services.

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Villa Sylvestre Dining

The Villa Sylvestre provides guests with the optional view of the capital Betsileo while enjoying the traditional African Cuisine prepared by the professionally trained chefs.

    Villa Sylvestre Recreational Amenities

    It is easy to keep in touch with your family and friends at the Villa Sylvestre, check your e-mail or surf the net in the computer room. The Villa Sylvestre also features a library in the computer room for the reading enthusiasts.

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