Setam Lodge

The Setam Lodge is set above river valley, in a heavily forested area just inside the boundaries of the Ranomafana National Park. Arriving at the Setam Lodge on the edge of Ranomafana National Park, the first thing you will notice are the magnificent views of the mountains and rainforest. The lodge has been built to make the most of its location, so the restaurant has huge windows to allow in as much of the view as possible and all of the rooms have small terraces facing down over the valley. Each of the 10 bungalows provide scenic views from the perched hilltop location of the dense rainforest and river below. Each of the 20 chalet rooms are located within the 10 bungalows.

Madagascar Highlights

Leaping lemurs, carnivorous plants, monkey trees, exotic rainforests, giant butterflies and beyond perfect beaches, Madagascar is beyond exotic. More Info

Madagascar Signature - Lemurs, Landscapes and Beach

The mist is heavy deep in the Madagascan rainforest and sweat drips from your brow after a full-day hike. Then you see it grazing among the bamboo thickets – the rare golden bamboo lemur – and your heart leaps. More Info

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Chalet Room

Each of the 20 chalet rooms is located within the 10 separate bungalows. All of the bungalows boast traditional thatched roofs and authentic wood panelled walls, creating a truly Malagasy atmosphere. The room interiors are very simple and cozy, with double or twin beds, an en suite bathroom with shower and private verandas.

    Restaurant & Bar

    The restaurant and bar provides guests with stunning views whilst enjoying a variety of local specialities and popular westernized menu options.


      Walks from Setam Lodge into mountainous Ranomafana National Park offer hikers the chance to see a number of important and rare species of lemur, such as the golden bamboo lemur, red bellied and eastern grey bamboo lemur, as well as Milne-Edwards’ sifaka. It’s not just lemurs you will find here though; there are many different reptile species, a variety of different mammals and a huge variety of birds.

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