La Belle Etoile Luxury Camp

Kensington Tours presents La Belle Etoile Luxury Camp, located an hour and half drive from Erfoud, it is strategically in the middle of the big dunes of the Erg Chebi Desert, La Belle Etoile offers a spectacular nomadic experience.  It is especially unique because of the 'Haimas', which are traditional tents made of camel skin typically used by nomadic people  Enjoy your special night  at this beautiful Oasis in a premium tented camp. Get  an opportunity to ride a camel at sunset and sunrise from the top of the dunes.Marvel at the spectacular sun at dawn and the splendid warm colors that fill the horizon at sunset. Experience a night in the desert and sleep under the blanket of stars.Your desert experience includes an authentic Moroccan dinner and breakfast in the morning.

Merzouga Tours 2017 - 2018 -  La Belle Etoile Luxury Camp
Merzouga Tours 2017 - 2018 -  La Belle Etoile Luxury Camp
Merzouga Tours 2017 - 2018 -  La Belle Etoile Luxury Camp
Merzouga Tours 2017 - 2018 -  Dining
  • Merzouga Tours 2017 - 2018 - Royal TentRoyal Tent
Royal Tent

Your private luxury desert camp is tucked away with high dunes enclosing you on all sides and is enhanced to ensure your comfort without encroaching on your authentic experience. Each tent is covered by layers of traditional Moroccan carpets, comfortable mattresses, complete bedding, red carpet, full WC, and shower facilities.

  • Merzouga Tours 2017 - 2018 - DiningDining

Your evening gastronomic experience combines the best of Moroccan cuisine with desert tradition. A traditional dinner, with drinks and 1/2 bottle of wine, is included per guest at the camp.

  • Merzouga Tours 2017 - 2018 - StarsStars

At night, you will gather around the welcome warmth of a bonfire, and gaze at the stars above where the constellations are painted with a clarity never seen elsewhere; Listening to the soft enchanting sounds of Berber musicians who sing of their desert wanderings. Our luxury Sahara desert camp is an adventure not to be missed if you want to get the right feeling of nomadic and rural Morocco. All guests are provided with a free of charge camel ride at sunset or sunrise, a special dinner with drinks and a half bottle of wine, as well as local entertainment.

  • Merzouga Tours 2017 - 2018 - Dromedary ExcursionsDromedary Excursions
Dromedary Excursions

One of the most incredible ways to explore the Efg Chebi Dunes is through the camp's dromedary excursions. With the option to depart at dawn or dusk, there is plenty of opportunity to take in the beauty of the sun in the desert. For those who are more adventurous, La Belle Etoile Luxury Camp is happy to organize multi-day dromedary excursions.

  • Merzouga Tours 2017 - 2018 - 4WD Excursions4WD Excursions
4WD Excursions

At La Belle Etoile Luxury Camp, you can discover the breathtaking landscape of the "Black Hamada," or acquaint yourself with nomadic people during a 4WD excursion to discover the area. Each car comes with an expert guide-chauffeur.

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