Londolozi Founders Camp

Enchanting, intimate and child friendly, Founder’s Camp, included as one of Travel & Leisure’s 500 Best Hotels as selected by their readers, is ideally situated to provide an insider’s view of the secrets of river life. Ten idyllic superior chalets repose in the shade of ancient ebony and matumi trees along the banks of the Sand River. This is safari in the classic style, replete with classic black and cream ticking fabric and original mahogany beds. Deep leather couches, military chests, compass safari lamps and a riverside lounge sala create a mood of easy luxury and laid back welcome for discerning families and travelers. Founders Camp is also home to the Londolozi yoga deck, a wonderful sanctuary suspended high in the arms of a 500-year-old ebony tree; inclusive daily classes are held whilst nyala, bushbuck and monkeys scamper nearby.  

Sabi Sands Tours 2017 - 2018 -  Londolozi Founders Camp
Sabi Sands Tours 2017 - 2018 -  Londolozi Founders Camp
Sabi Sands Tours 2017 - 2018 -  Dining at the Lodge
Sabi Sands Tours 2017 - 2018 -  Superior Chalet Plunge Pool
  • Sabi Sands Tours 2017 - 2018 - Superior ChaletSuperior Chalet
Superior Chalet

Ten idyllic superior chalets repose in the shade of ancient Ebony and Matumi trees along the banks of the Sand River. A touch of bush bohemia is how the newly refurbished Founders Camp has been described. Light fabrics in the riverside lounge give this Camp a young and vibrant energy suitable for modern day traveling families. Two of the suites are inter-leading with a glass skywalk.

    Superior Chalet (5+ Night Combo)

    See Above Description.

    • Sabi Sands Tours 2017 - 2018 - Bush DiningBush Dining
    Londolozi Founders Camp Dining Experience

    Imagine reclining in a comfortable chair surrounded by 6 million acres of African wilderness. This is the adventure picnic and bush breakfast experience, reminiscent of a bygone era when the highlight of any winter morning, after hours of walking, was the “Hunter’s Breakfast”. There is no reason to rush back to camp for breakfast when you can savor gourmet salmon and scrambled eggs with your feet in the sand on the banks of a river enjoying a balmy winter’s morning.

    • Sabi Sands Tours 2017 - 2018 - YogaYoga

    Yoga means ‘union’ in Sanskrit and refers to the bringing together of mind, body and spirit. Asanas, also a Sanskrit word, refers to the poses and postures developed in India to join mind and body in spiritual awareness. At Londolozi, the staff and obvious idealness of the location have added the powerful elements of nature to the yoga experience, using both the natural energy of the location and tailor made Asanas, to create a yoga form that is suitable for beginners and intermediate practitioners. You are free to schedule a private yoga session in your room or in the shade of your deck. Alternatively, daily classes are held on the yoga deck beside the pool at Varty Camp.

    • Sabi Sands Tours 2017 - 2018 - MassageMassage

    Massage has been practiced as a healing therapy for centuries and it is even considered by some to be the oldest form of medical practice. The proven powers of massage, to provide release from stress and to promote increased blood flow and healing, make it a wonderful addition to any holiday. The massage room at Londolozi Life was designed by a holistic therapist to create a space in harmony with the elements, ensuring a meditative experience that quietens the mind, rejuvenates energy and creates inner balance. Therapies include Swedish and Thai massage, Aromatherapy and Reiki healing.

    • Sabi Sands Tours 2017 - 2018 - Bush WalksBush Walks
    Bush Walks

    Suitable for the beautiful balmy bushveld days in May, June and July, there is nothing like walking in a winter wilderness. Drift down a game trail into a dry riverbed. Feel the crisp morning rhythm of Africa with each step on the winding path as you let nature captivate you in her essence. There is no vehicle, no noise and no distractions. This is when nature speaks to you.

    • Sabi Sands Tours 2017 - 2018 - Sleep OutSleep Out
    Sleep Out

    Cradled in the branches of a 1000-year-old Ebony tree you sleep out under a clear, starlit winter sky in awe of an endlessly vast universe. In the silence, you can enjoy nature’s nocturnal orchestra and as the dawn chorus breaks, a golden sunrise lights up the phragmites reeds along the beautiful watercourse of the Sand River. The sleep out experience is an essential reconnection to the divinity of nature.

    • Sabi Sands Tours 2017 - 2018 - TrackingTracking

    The ancient art of tracking has been uniquely preserved at Londolozi. The combined wisdom of the Londolozi tracking team spans over 200 years of tracking experience. Guests, during winter, are privileged to be able to witness this ancient art. On foot in search of the big cats, as well as Rhino and Buffalo…downwind…in silence…not moving a muscle and in very close proximity, is an experience which demands all your attention and which leaves you with indelible memories. Winter is the perfect time to pursue Africa’s most alluring wildlife whilst in the presence of a master tracker applying an ancient art, miles from any Land Rover.

    • Sabi Sands Tours 2017 - 2018 - Astronomy LecturesAstronomy Lectures
    Astronomy Lectures

    Have you ever been introduced to the wonderment of the great universe? Latest pictures from the Hubble telescope open up an entirely new world of discovery that tells of endless space beyond comprehension. At Londolozi, the rangers are trained to take you on a mystical late night journey of reflection and introspection. On a cold, clear winter’s night, looking at the stars whilst holding a warm mug of hot chocolate makes for a truly memorable evening.

    • Sabi Sands Tours 2017 - 2018 - Campfires - Storytelling - Red WineCampfires - Storytelling - Red Wine
    Campfires - Storytelling - Red Wine

    Campfires, storytelling, red wine and good company are the hallmark of any winter safari. Coming from a long line of storytellers, Londolozi’s history is steeped in the tradition of campfire yarns told late into the night. In each of the 5 exclusive camps you can hear the whispers of the now ancestors, and embodied in the history are the legends and myths of the mysteries and adventures of safari. Each camp has its own spirit and each has its own campfire that awaits you.

    • Sabi Sands Tours 2017 - 2018 - The Cubs DenThe Cubs Den
    The Cubs Den

    The children’s programme is uniquely tailored for each child, many of whom are budding junior game rangers. The approach is based on a personal interaction with each child and is energetic and flexible. The staff regard nature as the great educator and with no set routines allow the child to discover the world of the outdoor classroom that surrounds them. Nature sets the agenda and enables these young people to discover something of themselves.

    • Sabi Sands Tours 2017 - 2018 - BirdingBirding

    The birdlife at Londolozi represents a magic of diversity in perpetual motion and offers the visitor an entirely new frontier in wilderness engagement. A wide array of sunbirds seeking nectar from the flowering aloes is winter’s gift to the discerning birder, not to mention the other 450 species that abound in these landscapes. Many fine ornithologist guides reside at Londolozi.

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