Beho Beho Game Reserve

Beho Beho is the first camp to be sited in The Selous, not on the banks, or the flood plains of the mighty Rufiji River, but in the cooler highlands so as to enjoy the 'cooling breezes' from which its name derives. Always designated as a 'private camp' it has fiercely protected its individuality and privileged location as one of the most 'magical' places it is possible to visit in safari Africa. Beho Beho has created the true 'essence' of a safari refuge, for safari travellers who have 'been there and done that' throughout the big game countries of Africa now there is a camp that takes the 'best' of each safari and combines it into one remarkable experience. A luxurious base camp from which to explore on foot, by boat or by open safari cruiser the splendours of one of the largest game preserves in the world. 

Selous Tours 2020 - 2021 -  Bar
Selous Tours 2020 - 2021 -  Bar
Selous Tours 2020 - 2021 -  Beho Beho
Selous Tours 2020 - 2021 -  Beho Beho
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The Banda are spacious and airy and have been designed to capture even the slightest breeze - at seven degrees south of the equator this is an important consideration - of course there are a couple of wide-blade ceiling fans to assist nature if required. This feeling of spaciousness is accentuated by the fact that the main suite area has no front wall or windows, but is totally open on to the front verandah of the banda, with its magnificent views across the wilderness of The Selous. For those a little nervous of sleeping with just a mosquito net between them and the 'great outdoors' there is an ingenious arrangement of a curtain made out of tenting material, complete with gauze windows, which can be drawn across at night and securely fastened. The verandah itself reveals what must be one of the most magnificent views in Africa. Wild, unspoilt, wilderness dotted with animals, and a tripod mounted telescope for closer game viewing.

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Tree House

The Treehouse experience starts mid-afternoon when guests leave the camp on foot, accompanied by one of the armed guides, to walk for approximately two hours through the splendid isolation of the Selous wilderness until they arrive at their home for the night - The Treehouse. The Tree House is perched alongside and within a giant ancient leadwood tree overlooking a dry river bed. Facilities include a proper double bed swathed in mosquito netting, and an en-suite bathroom complete with flush toilet! There is a choice of either sleeping under the stars or under the cover of a canvas pavilion - the bed comes complete with wheels, fine bed linen and a comfortable duvet.

  • Selous Tours 2020 - 2021 - Onsite DiningOnsite Dining
Onsite Dining

Meals at Beho Beho tend to be a 'moveable feast' and are not always confined to the 'breakfast, lunch and dinner' of a normal safari itinerary. But this does not mean that guests will go hungry - far from it, staff at Beho Beho are conscious that the fresh African air stimulates a good appetite. So it is not unusual to have a snack breakfast on an early game drive, followed by an early brunch, or a late bush breakfast followed by an early afternoon tea. This is easier than rushing back to camp for meals and allows the guides to see how the game situation develops and to allow guests the best opportunities to see the wonders of The Selous.

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Activities at Beho Beho

The open sided lounges and dining areas together with the cocktail bar and 'billiards room' provide a sophisticated setting for post safari relaxation and the swimming pool and deck an ideal place to cool off.

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