Dar El Medina

This Dar El Medina is a 12 room hotel is a converted traditional house located right in the Tunis Medina. It features whitewashed and tiled surroundings, with latticed windows. The many-levelled mansion is a surprise after the narrow street, with inner courtyards providing light, space and shade. Interiors mix Eastern richness and modern geometry. There’s also a terrace with city views over medina rooftops – a wonderful place to be at the time of the call to prayer.

Tunis Tours 2017 - 2018 -  Dar elMedina
Tunis Tours 2017 - 2018 -  Dar elMedina
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Chambre D'Apparat

Rooms are all different, decorated in sand and neutral colours, with deep rich textiles and modernist paintings. On the ground floor are several salons, which include the converted master bedroom (all stucco, domes and Italian decorative painting) and the former kitchen, now with rush-mat seating on raised platforms.

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Chambre D'Hote

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Dar El Medina Restaurants

At Dar El Medina, senses are awakened and serenity is everywhere. This boutique-hotel, well known for its cosy atmosphere and great hospitality has a new restaurant DRIBA. It is the perfect place to tempt your palet with traditional tunisian gastronomy by discovering delicious plats such as the famous fish couscous, the tunisian tajine or the crispy brick. You can complete your meal by enjoying the ritual great mint tea or a typical tunisian sweet pastry such as « samsa », « kaak », « Makroud » or « baklawa ». And do not forget to taste some delicious fruits like watermelon, peaches or dates depending on the seasons. Also, a traditional and beautiful moorish music will enliven your authentic dinner.

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