Sindabezi Island Lodge

Sindabezi Island is unique – the discerning traveler’s best kept secret. An idyllic, exclusive camp on its very own private isle on the Zambezi River, it is one of the only luxury bush camp from where Victoria Falls can comfortably be explored. Experience the large number of activities in the area during the day and return to a tranquil haven, a thousand light years away from the bustle at night. Sindabezi Island is currently one of the top 10 eco lodges in Africa according to Fodor’s.  Sindabezi has only five open-sided thatched cottages, allowing guests to soak up the sights and sounds of the African bush in the perfect, pristine setting.

Livingstone Tours 2020 - 2021 -  Sindabezi Island Lodge
Livingstone Tours 2020 - 2021 -  Sindabezi Island Lodge
Livingstone Tours 2020 - 2021 -  Lounge
  • Livingstone Tours 2020 - 2021 - Chalet OneChalet One
Chalet One

Chalet One is the sole cottage on the south side of the island. It has a wonderful view across the bubbling channels of the Zambezi River to the Victoria Falls National Park, where game such as elephant, impala and wildebeest come to quench their thirst on the banks of the river. At night guests can opt to enjoy the first round of sundowners in their large private bubble bath – with piping hot water courtesy of our state of the art solar heaters.

  • Livingstone Tours 2020 - 2021 - Chalet Two and ThreeChalet Two and Three
Chalets Two & Three

Chalets Two and Three are tucked away on the northern banks of the island. They have solar heated showers, and distinctive ‘loos with a view’ set along private wooden walkways. Although the chalets are perfectly secluded, the island is also ideal for families or groups who would like to consider a private booking. Chalet Two and Three can accommodate both double and twin bookings.

  • Livingstone Tours 2020 - 2021 - Chalet FourChalet Four
Chalet Four

Chalet Four has a lovely view upstream and is perfect for spotting hippos wallowing in the river. At night time, a trail of hurricane lamps lights your way back to the chalet across the soft sand. A luxuriously inviting, canopied bed ensures a wonderful night’s sleep as the Zambezi winds its way downstream to the Falls far below. As with all the chalets on the island the water is solar heated. Chalet four can be booked as a double or as a twin.

  • Livingstone Tours 2020 - 2021 - Honeymoon ChaletHoneymoon Chalet
Honeymoon Chalet

Chalet Five is the ‘Honeymoon’ chalet and is situated on a secluded sandy shore at the end of the island. The brand new, old fashioned clawfoot bath is perfect for two. Thanks to the solar panelling, hot water and ambient bedside lighting is assured, The entire Sindabezi Island is also romantically lit with traditional hurricane lamps and candles.

    Dining at Sindabezi Island Lodge

    Sindabezi Island offers the opportunity to sink bare toes into white sand under the dinner table, opt for a hosted meal shared with other island goers or have a table set up in or near your chalet.

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