Taj Tashi

Set in the heart of the Thimphu Valley, the Taj Tashi is a gateway to a land steeped in mythology and magic. The mountain kingdom of Bhutan remains one of the old world’s last remaining strongholds, as yet unspoilt by civilization. In the charmed isolation of the Himalayan heights, Bhutan’s ancient and alluring ways of Mahayana Buddhism continue on richly intact to this day, and permeate every aspect of Bhutanese life and art. In keeping with the enchanting surrounds, the hotel is a blend of Bhutan’s Dzong architecture and modern design. Adorned with classical hand-drawn Buddhist murals, its 66 elegant guestrooms afford guests striking highlights of the region’s art and colour, along with breathtaking views of the mountains that rise above the Thimphu valley.

Thimphu Tours 2017 - 2018 -  Taj Tashi, Thimphu
Thimphu Tours 2017 - 2018 -  Taj Tashi, Thimphu
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    Guest Rooms and Suites Guest rooms adorned with swirls of hand-painted murals of clouds - a recurring motif in Bhutanese art - take in sweeping views of the surrounding mountains. Elegant, expansive and luxuriously appointed, the rooms, in the manner of all Taj Hotels, pamper guests with the finest amenities. Suites, on the other hand, feature distinctive canopy beds, walk-in closets and home theatre systems. Natural lighting emphasizes large, well laid-out bathrooms featuring standalone Christina bathtubs. Deluxe Rooms These spacious rooms with large bathrooms afford guests tantalizing views of the pine-topped mountains. Accompanying bathrooms feature fine fittings and amenities like floor warmers and bath-towel heaters. Deluxe Room with Sit-out Select deluxe rooms have private sit-outs that open out to the green mountains –marvellous nooks that demand perfection by way of a steaming cup of tea or a romantically laid out dinner for two. The finely fitted bathrooms are ro

      Taj Tashi Restaurants

      Food and Wine While steeped in Bhutanese mystique and colour, Taj Tashi offers guests a range of delightful culinary experiences that combine the best of Bhutanese with Tibetan and European cuisines. Customary flavours are presented with refined hospitality, amidst serene spaces that are set off by hand-drawn murals rendered in Bhutanese folk style. Each of the hotel’s four restaurants is designed to a theme that elaborates on a different aspect of Bhutan’s vibrant Mahayana Buddhist culture. » Ara Ara is the perfect place to unwind with a drink after a day of excursions into local myth and folklore. Named after Bhutan’s traditional liquor, this well stocked bar is decorated with Dramneyn, a lively 7-stringed Himalayan folk music instrument. » Chig-ja-gye Specialising in Bhutanese cuisine and aptly named after the 108 principal temptations in Buddhism, Chig-ja-gye is set in a dramatic space embellished with old style gold-leaf paintings and horn instruments called dhung

        Taj Tashi Activities

        Jiva Spa The Jiva Spa beckons visitors into a serene environment where ancient and mystic healing arts come together to create a rare indulgence. Timeless Bhutanese architecture and hand-painted art blend with nature to impart a sense of harmony, balance and well-being. Through an array of time-honoured Bhutanese and Indian treatments, visitors are ushered into unique experiences that heal, detoxify and revitalize the body and mind. Expert practitioners employ aromatherapy, relaxation and rejuvenation techniques, and a variety of massages in a manner befitting a royal guest. Signature treatments like the Manda Snana, a special ‘Bhutanese Hot Stone Bath’, relieve aching muscles and stiffness, and revive and re-hydrate the body. The spa offers over 20 therapies, each a decidedly sublime experience. Facilities at the spa include separate ladies and men’s wet and change areas, two couple treatment suites, rooms with lockers, change and shower facilities, robes, slippers, towels

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