Buddha Zen Hotel

Buddha Zen is named by Master Chishan as the first hotel with the theme of Buddha Zen culture in China. The design of the hotel follows the spirit of Buddha Zen with the combination of traditional Chinese aesthetics. Its interior design is unique and its couplets are meaningful. In the hotel, there are a plenty of rare Tangkas, ancient temple paintings and antiques, which include the oldest man-made embroidery of Qing Dynasty in Sichuan. It is a good chance for guests to feel a sort of predestined relationship with Buddhism in the hotel. Buddha Zen Hotel was born with excellence and continues creating marvels without any counterpart. The tranquility included in the traditional culture is showcased by the active modern expressions. Surrounded by the noisy metropolitan culture, guests still have a chance to experience an eremite’s life in the hotel. The guestrooms are deliberately decorated with Buddha Zen style and the first choice for Buddhist dignitaries, Buddha-worshippers, and high-end business persons.

Chengdu Tours 2017 - 2018 -  Guestroom
Chengdu Tours 2017 - 2018 -  Guestroom
Chengdu Tours 2017 - 2018 -  Guestroom
Chengdu Tours 2017 - 2018 -  Living Room
    Deluxe Room

    This hotel has spacious and bright guestrooms and are decorated with Buddha Zen style. Amenities available include air conditioner, satellite television, hairdryer, telephone and en-suite washrooms.

      Superior Suite

      See Above Description.

        Buddha Zen Hotel Restaurants

        Rong Zhai Vegetarian Restaurant in Buddha Zen Hotel serves special Chinese dishes made by its senior cooks. The cooking methods follow the Buddhist classic ones and adopt the theory of Qi-supplement in traditional Chinese medicine. All these dishes are naturally low in fat and cholesterol.

          Buddha Zen Hotel Spa

          In the spa of Buddha Zen Hotel, guests can find Zi Zai. Here strictly followed are the orthodox spa skills, theory of channels and collaterals, decoction of raw materials, and science of natural treatment. The spa hall is equipped with automatic extendible canopy which is able to absorb natural light.

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