Local Dazhai Guesthouse

The local guesthouses are actually staying in the local style building which, perched hillside are typically made entirely of wood with no nails. Accommodation is basic but clean and hygienic. Dazhai village is rural pedestrian access Yao area. Part of the Sino-Tibetan Miao-Yao ethno linguistic group, the Yao minority is one of the most colorful in China known for their traditional clothes.

Longsheng Tours 2017 - 2018 -  Local Guesthouse Dazhai
Longsheng Tours 2017 - 2018 -  Local Guesthouse Dazhai

    Rooms are simple but hygenic with western style beds and windows overlooking the hillside or distant landscapes. 90% of the time rooms have attached bathrooms with hot water and western style toilets; however in the Dazhai/Tian Tou Zhai location sometimes the bathing facilties are located at the end of the hall - a neccessity because of the unique architectural contruction.

      Local Guesthouse Dazhai Restaurants

      Local fare is de rigeur at these hotels and if you are staying here as part of a multi-day guided trek the experience is full board. Our guides have a deep experience in matching local delacies to the tastes of international clients and will ensure an exciting and pleasurable dining experience.

        Local Guesthouse Dazhai Activities

        These hotels are located deep in the rural countryside of the Longsheng region - one of the most beautiful in China. Typically used as part of a village to village trek walking and exploring the local culture are of course the activities of choice though given the serenity of the environs they also make a perfect base to relax with some Yoga or Tai Chi.

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