Jing's Residence

Jing's Residence has 19 rooms and is nestled amongst dusty curio shops and bustling restaurants in the old walled city of Pingyao, a small boutique hotel that is located in a nicely-renovated old mansion. The design of the hotel fits in harmoniously with the traditional surroundings of this ancient city. The Residence is ideally located in the heart of the old town and encompasses a series of grey-brick pavilions built around a set of four courtyards in the authentic architectural style of northern China. Tables and chairs are located outside each pavilion where guests can relax while reading, drinking tea, or soaking up the historical atmosphere. In addition to the luxurious accommodations, the Residence also features a dining room where guests can enjoy an extensive menu of international and local favorites. The Residence also provides an exclusive meeting space, a cozy library and a bar that make it the perfect home-away-from-home for discerning travelers.

Pingyao Tours 2017 - 2018 -  Jing's Residence
Pingyao Tours 2017 - 2018 -  Jing's Residence
Pingyao Tours 2017 - 2018 -  Jing's Residence
Pingyao Tours 2017 - 2018 -  Jing's Residence
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Courtyard Room

The 12 Courtyard rooms come in a range of sizes to suit all your needs for an unforgettable stay, drift off to sleep after a day of exploration in rooms that were once home to Chinese aristocrats, and powerful merchants.

  • Pingyao Tours 2017 - 2018 - Courtyard SuiteCourtyard Suite
Courtyard Suite

There are 5 Courtyard Suites at Jing’s, each has its own character and identity, but all offer the same level of comfort and amenities and striking design, that complement the ancient structures built around tranquil courtyards.

  • Pingyao Tours 2017 - 2018 - Master SuiteMaster Suite
Master Suite

Only one Jing’s Mater Suite is an 80sqm tour de force of opulence, space and serenity that radiates a feeling of nostalgia, this suite has a hand made bath at its center, there are separate power and monsoon showers, WC and wash basin areas. The sitting area is a place to relax, read, chat and remember your day amongst the curio shops and ancient alleyways of PingYao.


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