Sulawesi Hotels

  • Hotel Aryaduta

    Aryaduta (4*)

    Hotel Aryaduta is Indonesia’s premier and leading hospitality group with a tradition of luxury, comfort, and style since 1974. Located in Indonesia’s premier cities and preferred resort destinations, this hotel provides an outstanding experience with high level of service, attention to detail and excellent cuisine.
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  • Guest Room

    Heritage Toraja (4*)

    Tana Toraja
    At an altitude of 700 meters (2,300 feet) with views across to a huge mountain range, the Heritage Toraja follows the architectural style of traditional Torajan clan houses with a massive roof shaped like a ship’s prow. Inside however, the resort has been furnished to the highest standards to provide the perfect blend of tradition and comfort. The orchid-shaped island ... of Sulawesi has a dramatic and rugged landscape with shimmering blue mountains, limestone hills and deep blue bays. At the crossroads of several historical sea lanes, the island was formerly a strategic trading port with the seafaring Bugies dominating the southern tip and the Toraja - with a culture based on animism - guarding the mountains to the north. Set high in the mountains amid rice fields and rolling hills, Heritage Toraja offers a heaven of retreat from city life - a perfect blend of tradition and comfort.Show More
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