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Few places blend the ancient past with the impossible future quite as seamlessly as Japan. Want to ensure you experience it all on your tour of Japan? Go with a private guide. A knowledgeable expert at your side brings an extra dimension of understanding to any Japan tour. Explore Tokyo’s fascinating street-culture districts, find serenity among Kyoto’s im ...Show More


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Planning the Best Japan Tour

A stunning blend of traditional values and futuristic wonder, a tour of Japan leaves even the most seasoned travelers spellbound. Between the bustling Osaka, Hakone, Kyoto, and the capital city of Tokyo and Japan's breathtaking landscapes and natural treasures, each tailor-made tour of Japan will immerse you in this unique culture. From calligraphy to cooking to tea ceremonies, you'll explore the ancient arts and traditions that have been passed on for centuries. 

  • The best Japan tours immerse you in ancient traditions

    When traveling in Japan it becomes apparent that behind the glittering ultramodern skyscrapers and flashing neon lies an ancient culture steeped in centuries of tradition. For an immersive experience, spend a night (or several) on a tatami mat at a serene ryokan, where traditional Japanese hospitality never goes out of style. Sacred Buddhist temples and immaculate Shinto shrines lurk around every corner in the big cities and speckle the countryside. Tea ceremonies and the history of the geisha fascinate. The best Japan tours always include some time in Kyoto, home to lavish palaces from the imperial age, the Philosopher’s Path’s beloved cherry trees, and the impossibly blissful rock gardens of Ryoan-ji.  Explore our City Lights & Sacred SightsTemples, Gardens & Art or Japan Highlights.  

  • Don't miss the incredible landscapes when traveling in Japan

    It may not feel like it when you’re moving through a crowded Tokyo crosswalk, but nature defines Japan. Built on the back of a rugged mountain range dotted with active volcanoes and dominated by iconic Mt. Fuji, Japan’s cities are dwarfed by its epic landscapes. For the active traveler, a Japan tour presents some of the best hiking in Asia, from the geothermal vents around Fuji to enveloping forests to mountaintop abodes topped with secluded temples. Few cultures have married the great outdoors with an equally great indoors, too; a restorative onsen bath is the perfect balm to a day spent walking.  Browse our Pure Japan itinerary or the Japan Grand Journey.

    Geisha tea house
  • Touring Japan's dazzling cities

    The neon-drenched streets of Tokyo look like storyboards for a science-fiction film just waiting to be filmed, and they hold infinite stories. (Japan anime tour, anyone?) Elsewhere, Osaka reaches for the future through space-age architecture, while elegant Kyoto remains comfortably entrenched in its rich imperial past. Urban adventurers love trips to Japan because unique experiences await around every corner, drift down every funky alley, in every captivating museum, and spill out into the street from every 24-hour bar. You can experience an entire trip’s worth of excitement within the confines of a single city block. Connecting it all is a sleek, efficient high-speed train network, ensuring that wherever your tour of Japan leads, distance and time are never an obstacle. Explore our Pop Culture, Anime & Art Scene itinerary or add additional Asian adventures with our Imperial Cities of China & Japan.

    Fall Foliage
  • No trip to Japan is complete without exploring its celebrated cuisine

    Travelling in Japan, you'll quickly see that there is a remarkable amount of culinary diversity. Fresh ingredients, regional produce, stylish presentation, and a commitment to traditional techniques with a flair for innovation are gastronomic hallmarks. One of the luxuries of tailor-made Japan tours is the ability to secure a spot at exclusive restaurants, many of which have made their names on the strength of a single dish. The food takes on a heartier character the further you get from the cities, with varying types of nabemono (Japanese hot pot) reflecting regional differences, and artistically presented sushi serving as a coastal staple. The cuisine is highly influenced by the season, ensuring that your next Japan tour will carry a distinctly unique flavor to your last. Foodies should explore our Culinary Journey Through Japan.

    Kamakura Buddha Statue
  • Every tour of Japan can be customized just for you by our expert travel planners.

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