Sandoway Resort

Sandoway Resort is nestled against coconut palms on the pristine beach frontage of Ngapali Beach in the Bay of Bengal, Myanmar, where its villas and cottages are scattered throughout the 6 acres of 450 meters long beach frontage and tropical gardens, most with ocean views. The resort's design concept is based on traditional South East Asia elegance, which is beautifully displayed thanks to the usage of local materials of various kinds of hard wood, stone carving and marble. The hotel interiors have been decorated with furnishings and fittings that were designed and produced exclusively for The Sandoway Resort.

Ngapali Beach Tours 2017 - 2018 -  The Sandoway Resort
Ngapali Beach Tours 2017 - 2018 -  The Sandoway Resort
Ngapali Beach Tours 2017 - 2018 -  Ngapali Beach
Ngapali Beach Tours 2017 - 2018 -  Swimming Pool
    Deluxe Room

    The 75 square meters Deluxe Rooms stretch themselves from the Spa to the Pool area, surrounded by enchanting tropical gardens that frame the Resort's renowned beauty. Elegantly built with hardwood interiors like the Cottages, the design varies from Deluxe Rooms built on one floor and on two stories, where the graciously decorated living room lays on the ground floor together with the spacious bathroom and the elegant bedroom stands on the upper floor overlooking the marvellous gardens and just behind the Village Cottage.

      Village Cottage

      The 80 square meters Village Cottages feature the same beautiful design concept and comforts as the Beach Front Cottages and located at just behind the Beach Front Cottage. The peaceful green surroundings and the cosy design feel make of the Village Cottages the perfect choice for a comfortable and tranquil stay.

        Beach Front Cottage

        The Sandoway Cottages are graciously scattered among the natural Resort's surroundings while stretching their elegant two stories design in the total proximity to the beach. The 80 square meters Beach Front Cottages overlook the coastal shores at the very front location allowing the guests to witness a spectacular view from the open veranda while being pampered by the cool sea breeze.

          Vila Seaview

          The Sandoway Villas romantically are located in the most exclusive setting, offering the guests ultimate privacy and comfort. The spacious 120 square meters Villa’s open interior seamlessly blends the bedroom and living space, ultimately opening onto a private veranda facing the sea and sunset. A spiral stairway leads to Villa's upper level where a private loft with a beautiful picture window showcases the serene views of the garden and the sea.


            The hotel restaurant is beautifully located over a charming spacious terrace overlooking the beach, allowing the guests to indulge themselves among memorable surroundings and the sound of crushing waves while enjoying delightful a la carte food selections available from breakfast to dinner. Built in total harmony with the environment like the rest of the Resort and shadowed by magnificent coconut trees the Sandoway Restaurant allows the guests to experience Mediterranean and Asian cuisine at its best along with an extended and refined wine selection from different areas of the world.


              Visiting Ngapali Beach brings a unique opportunity for the guests to interact with the local communities while indulging themselves in the Resort's comforts and the beauty of its natural surroundings. All the sport and recreational activities at disposal of the tourists are meant to be in total harmony with both the environment and the local people, who are the ones the Resorts refer to for sightseeing trips. Activities include 9 hole golf course, snorkelling, fishing and boat trips.

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