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Economically successful Taiwan, the Republic of China, once known as "Ilha Formosa" - the beautiful isand, is an island nation of about 36,000 square kilometers located off the southeast coast China. Home to more than 23 million people Taiwan is known both for it's unique political situation, vibrant cities and stunning nature from steep mountains to lush forests and ...Show More
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On Your Taiwan Tour

Passport Requirements for Taiwan Tours

A passport that is valid for at least one month after the end of your trip is required for both U.S. and Canadian citizens to enter and depart the country. Please ensure that the name on your passport matches all travel documents we have issued.  If this is not the case, please contact us immediately.

Please make a photocopy of your passport’s identification page and keep it separate from your original. It’s also a good idea to leave a digital copy with someone at home. This may speed up the replacement process should you lose your passport.

Visa Requirements for Taiwan Tours

Both Canadian and American citizens are able to visit Taiwan visa-free for visits lasting up to 90 days. Visa laws may be different for citizens of other countries. These requirements change often and therefore it is best that you check with the Embassy of Taiwan for the most up-to-date visa information.

For more visa information please visit:

America: www.travisa.com

Canada: www.travisa.ca

Insurance Recommendations for Taiwan Tours

Cancelation and Medical Insurance is highly recommended as it can safeguard against in-country medical emergencies, lost or delayed baggage and emergency cancelation or interruption of your trip. Please ensure your policy will provide you with upfront medical coverage so that you are not responsible for a hefty doctor’s bill while away. Insurance can be purchased through us.

Weather, Seasons and Climate in Taiwan

Most of Taiwan has a beautiful warm climate all year round, but can also be home to a fair amount of rainfall. The northern part of the island belongs to sub-tropical climate zone, while the south is home to a tropical climate zone. Winters are warm while summers are hot and wet, with thunderstorms happening fairly frequently. The average annual temperature is 22°C with the lowest temperatures ranging from 12-17°C.

For up-to-date forecasts, check www.weather.com.

Clothing and Essential Items for Taiwan Travel

Loose, natural fabrics all year are recommended as temperatures are fairly warm in Taiwan all year long. Rainwear is essential during the wet season, and is recommended year round. As a rule shoulders and knees should be covered when entering religious sites.

FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS: Video camera, camera with zoom lens in a dust-resistant case, sufficient memory cards, a spare camera battery and charger. Photography is not allowed in certain religious buildings, especially temples. So be sure to ask permission before you take a photo.

Quick Facts for a Taiwan Tour

Capital: Taipei

Language: Hakka, Taiwanese

Currency: New Taiwan Dollar (TWD)

Religion: Mixture of Buddhist, Confucian, and Taoist.

Time Zone: UTC +8

Electricity: 110V, 60Hz

Telephone: Country code for calling is +886

Calling North America: Dial 001 plus area code and your 7-digit number

Emergency numbers in Taiwan: Dial 119 for firefights and ambulance services, and 110 for police.

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