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Step into the ancient Land of the Pharoahs, a world of temples, mummies, felucca sailboats and exotic bazaars on your customized guided tour of Egypt. No tour buses here. Instead, enjoy a private look around Cairo with a learned Egyptologist. At the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities, linger before any artifact that intrigues—such as the mummy of Queen Hatshepsut, E ...Show More
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On Your Egypt Tour

Passport Requirements for Egypt Tours

American and Canadian citizens must have a passport that is valid for at least 6 months beyond the intended return date in order to enter and depart the country. Tourists must also provide proof of return or onward travel. Each traveler is responsible for ensuring that his/her passport is up to date.

Please ensure that the name on your passport matches all travel documents we have issued. If this is not the case, please contact us immediately.

Visa Requirements for Egypt Tours

Visa is required for Egypt which can be obtained upon arrival at the airport in Cairo. We offer a VIP service whereby our representative will greet you as soon as you get off the airplane and will assist you in obtaining the visa. The cost is included in the trip price. When exiting the country, travelers must show proof of an entry stamp in their valid passport. You may be denied exit if this is not provided to officials.

Insurance Recommendations for Egypt Tours

Cancelation and Medical Insurance is highly recommended as it can safeguard against the expenses associated with in-country medical emergencies, lost or delayed baggage and emergency cancelation or interruption of your trip. Please ensure your policy will provide you with upfront medical coverage so that you are not responsible for a hefty medical bill. Insurance can be purchased through us.

Vaccination Requirements for Egypt Tours

Currently Required Vaccinations: None

Please visit a travel clinic or physician 6 to 8 weeks before departure in regards to the following recommended vaccinations:

Hepatitis A & BTyphoidPolioRabies

A yellow fever vaccination certificate is required from travelers over one year of age coming from infected areas. Those arriving in transit from such areas without a certificate will be detained at the airport until their onward flight departs.

Please note that Egypt has had some cases of Avian Influenza (“bird flu”), to help protect yourself, Follow these guidelines:

Avoid poultry farms and live animal marketsDo not consume undercooked eggs or poultryWash your hands oftenSee your physician if you have flu-like symptoms while travelling or after you return home

We recommend consulting the World Health Organization and your physician to help you make decisions about the right vaccinations for your travels. Here is the link to the WHO’s vaccination recommendation info: http://apps.who.int/tools/geoserver/www/ith/index.html

Medication Requirements for Egypt Tours

If there are any medical items that are essential to your health, such as prescription drugs or corrective eye wear, bring duplicates and divide them between your checked bags and hand luggage. While non-prescription drugs such as aspirin are generally available, it is difficult to replace prescription items. It is also advised to take iodine tablets to purify water if bottled water is not available. It is also strongly advised to take over-the-counter diarrhea medication.

Recommended Items:

  • Basic medicine kit (painkillers, band-aids, antiseptic cream, etc.)
  • Digestive aids such as Imodium, Pepto-Bismol; re-hydration salts and anti-diarrhea preparations.
  • Hydrocortisone tablets or cream for allergic skin reactions and bites
  • Anti-nausea tablets if you suffer from motion sickness
  • Sunscreen (SPF 30 or higher), after-sun lotion, lip balm, wide brimmed hat, sunglasses, Insect repellent
  • Baby wipes or anti-bacterial gel

Weather, Seasons and Climate in Egypt

Egypt is a huge country with plenty of variety in its climate. But generally the weather can be classified as hot and dry with the exception of the winter months when it can get quite cold in the North. The best time to visit depends on which region of the country you will be visiting, however winter in Egypt (December to February) is the tourist high season.

The best time to visit most sights, including the pyramids and the Valley of the Kings, is from February to April and October to November. In April, the hot, dusty khamsin wind blows from the Sahara, making touring of sights potentially troublesome.

For up-to-date forecasts check: weather.com

Electricity, Phone and Internet in Egypt

Electricity in Egypt is 220V AC but some rural pockets use 110V AC. Electrical sockets are one of the two European standard electrical socket types: The "Type C" Europlug and the "Type E" and "Type F" Schuko. An adapter for these European style two-prong sockets can be easy to acquire in North America. Please note: Do not use 110V outlets marked ‘FOR SHAVERS ONLY’ for other devices as they will not work and may even get damaged.

Phone: Roaming charges vary between carriers, but tend to be quite costly. Consult your phone provider prior to departure to discuss overseas rates and international package options.

Internet: There are Internet cafés in the main cities, including Cairo, Alexandria, Dahab and Luxor. Even small, more remote towns including Siwa will have at least one venue, usually in the market area. Internet can also be accessed in hotels with in-room Wi-Fi, though often at a hefty price. Please note that wi-fi and internet service provided in properties is at the discretion of each establishment and Kensington Tours has no control over this. Please feel free to check with your Sales Consultant before travel if you’d like to know internet set up at each of your properties or contact the properties directly so you are aware of their internet policy if this is important to you. You may like to speak to your internet provider prior to travel to arrange a roaming package.

Currency in Egypt

Generally speaking, we advise bringing $70-100 US dollars per day for spending money per person. Be sure to bring lots of small bills for porters, wait staff and housekeeping (not obligatory and based on your satisfaction). Egyptian Pound (In Arabic, a guinay) notes are in denominations of 5pt, 10pt, 25pt, 50pt, E£1, E£5, E£10, E£20, E£50 and E£100. Coins are in denominations of 10pt, 20pt and 25pt, 50pt and E£1. It would be a good idea to bring a moderate amount of US dollars with you as you travel around Egypt as some tour operators or hotels will only accept payment in US dollars or Euros.

We recommend that you get local currency from your bank before you leave home or from a bank machine in-country which is much cheaper than an exchange service at the airport or in tourist areas. Your bank card may work, but Visa or MasterCard are more widely accepted.

Quick Facts for a Egypt Tour

Capital: Cairo

Language: Arabic

Currency: Egyptian pound (EGP, E£)

Religion: 90% of the population is Muslim (mostly Sunni)

Time Zone: UTC + 2

Electricity: 220V AC + 110V in certain rural areas

Telephone: Country code for calling you from outside Egypt is 20

Calling North America: Dial 00 + 1 and your 10 digit number

Emergency numbers in Egypt: Police: 122; Tourist Police: 126; Ambulance: 123; Fire: 125

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