Hotel Gredic

The Castelletto Gredic offers an intimate and private stay with the convenience of being surrounded by picturesque landscapes as far as the eye can see. Rooms are comfortable and spacious, featuring modern amenities to fill all guests’ needs. Guests can visit Gredic Restaurant, which prides itself on using the finest fresh ingredients and modern culinary knowledge to create fabulous dishes.

Brda Tours 2017 - 2018 -  Gredic Hotel
Brda Tours 2017 - 2018 -  Gredic Hotel
Brda Tours 2017 - 2018 -  Lounge
Brda Tours 2017 - 2018 -  Wine Cellar
Slovenian Countryside Explorer

Connect with the alpine valleys, hilltop villages, and delicious wines of underexplored Slovenia on this active adventure. Visit beautiful Lake Bled, raft the Soča River, hike the Bovec Valley, explore enchanting Ljubljana, and more. More Info

  • Brda Tours 2017 - 2018 - Standard RoomStandard Room
Standard Room

Standard rooms are spacious and modern, and offer an intimate and private stay. Rooms are equipped with the latest Bang & Olufsen audio-video systems with an endless choice of movies, TV programs and music, as well as wine cabinets with the best wines from the area.

  • Brda Tours 2017 - 2018 - Gredic RestaurantGredic Restaurant
Gredic Restaurant

At the Gredic Restaurant experience subtle Mediterranean influences that meet strong continental tastes. The finest fresh ingredients are used and modern culinary and technological knowledge and appreciation of the aforementioned factors of this restaurant.

  • Brda Tours 2017 - 2018 - Wine CellarWine Cellar
Wine Cellar

The wine cellar is something special - both architecturally as well as due to the successful combination of cozy hospitality and professionalism of modern technology. More than 5,000 bottles of wine are stocked and virtually all the wines can be tasted. In addition, wine is sold at highly attractive prices so that you can top off your visit to the wine cellar with a purchase.

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