Seal River Heritage Lodge

Seal River Heritage Lodge is a family-owned and operated eco-lodge located just above the high water mark of western Hudson Bay. Accessible only by air, boat, dogsled or snowmobile, and 50 km away from the nearest community (Churchill) this location was chosen for several reasons - beauty, uniqueness and diversity. The surrounding area is truly wilderness. The air pure, the water crisp and clean and the land unspoiled.  The location also minimizes the efforts people need to undertake to view wildlife. The coastline is the most active area for wildlife movements – the animals come to the people, reducing the temptation to use motorized vehicles to find them.


    The lodge features queen, twin and family rooms each with their own ensuite washrooms, in authentic wilderness lodge style, with all of the comforts of home. Rooms are efficiently designed to maximize comfort and minimize wasted space. The lodge is super-insulated, to reduce heating requirements, and large sky lights and windows are used to maintain plenty of natural light.

      Seal River Heritage Lodge Restaurants

      Local traditional means of harvesting and preparing all foods are promoted, resulting in a menu of local “country foods” to minimize shipping impacts and maximize flavour and quality, including sustainably and humanely harvested local fish, game, wild berries and salad greens.

        Seal River Heritage Lodge Activities

        Trekking along the beach ridges and observing wildlife are the typical activities for guests at the Lodge. There is also a cozy common area with fireplace for evening wind-down.

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